Long live the king!

This year’s coronation, once again, raises that nagging question… how is it that premeditated snubbings, total disregard for historical precedents and the selection of a new prom king and his clown prince can appear to go on behind closed doors without having crossed over the boundaries of the Brown Act?

Sadly, not only does it seem that most people have given up on caring, even the filing of a complaint with the FPPC seems to fall upon deaf ears.

The elections of 2012 should be heating up right after the summer solstice. If the new clown prince, the ex-pool boy, sees his shadow, we’re likely to have several more years of economic winter. Hopefully he’ll emerge from his hole under cover of those expensive solar panels down at city hall, there will be no shadow to see, and great and wonderful profits will be had by all!

Yeah right, once again The Lollipop Guild lived up to their reputation.

“After reviewing the play…”

[Added 01/15/12] Upon further review of the video, I’m finding it more and more difficult to understand how what transpired could have been serendipitous and unscripted. Too many things fell into place in just the right sequence, at just the right moment, for me to believe that there was no collusion. I suppose some will just dismiss my concerns as the rantings of one of Markman’s crazies… I’m honored.

If you’re amongst the precious few who really care what goes on in city hall, watch the December 20th Coronation again. Pay particular attention to the comments of Roy Moore. He’s right. Marty Simonoff ought to be sitting in the Mayor’s seat, or at least the Mayor Pro Tem. The “power trio” clearly turned their backs on the large number of Breans who have faithfully supported Mr. Simonoff over the years

Take a close look at the reactions and body language of our new Mayor Pro Tem. He looks to me a lot like the kid that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Unsportsman like conduct by the offense…”

Next Tuesday’s meeting, January 17th, we’ll see how Mayor Schweitzer divvies up council’s 2012 committee assignments. Anyone want to bet Sir Schweitzer has his new MPT recommend that the mayor takes the salaried ($200/meeting) Sanitation District assignment away from Roy Moore and reassign it to himself?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to give it to the MPT so he could afford to pay back that $3,600 retroactive raise he banked? Murdock is the only holdout left, everyone else has made sure the ill gotten gains found their way back into city coffers.

Frankly, this whole “I’m taking my ball and going home” routine is starting to wear on me. November won’t come soon enough.

Closing Thoughts.

If it weren’t for the fact that recall efforts, excluding the obvious success in Bell, typically fall short of getting the signatures necessary to put it on the ballot… I’d be sorely tempted to encourage a little grassroots politikin’ around here. The phone calls and emails I’m getting lately suggest I’m not alone on this.