Thank you Mr. Mayor!

When I pointed out the shortcomings of Mr. Schweitzer’s “Make A Difference” green website, I expected he might respond. My hope was that he would do something about that waste of cyber real estate and make a difference himself. But no, that would be hoping for too much it seems.

Still whining after all these years.

mayor_mug_01Never one to take criticism well, dropping off a nasty note and a tongue-in-cheek “gift” at the downtown Starbucks last night was apparently more Don Schweitzer’s style.

I think his inability to accept any opinion other than his own is at the heart of why his time on Council has been such a lackluster affair. That and his long running bromance with the City Manager, Tim O’Donnell.

mayor_mug_02Here’s what our illustrious Mayor had to say, “Rick – I heard you really wanted one of my mugs. I didn’t make any for this theme, but thought I would just for you. Enjoy it. I hope the coffee helps wash down some of your bitterness!! ~ Mayor Don Schweitzer”

Bitterness? Bitter disappointment would be much more like it, Mr. Schweitzer.

I predicted a couple of months ago that Mr. Schweitzer would duck seeking a third term, not wanting to end the family legacy with a resounding loss. Good bye and good luck.

What does the future hold?

I’ll go out on a limb here and make an educated guess. I’ll wager Mr. Schweitzer attempts to reinfect the Brea Historical Society, squeezing himself back into some sort of prominence and control, so he can micromanage Brea’s Centennial celebrations.

I’m hoping the Society’s board keeps a wary eye out for the intrusion and stops it cold in it’s tracks. We don’t need another big start little finish project under Mr. Schweitzer’s not-so-green thumb. Where Don goes, nothing grows.

Move on Don. Don’t be lured into dancing around the edges of the local political scene, like several of your cronies. And have the decency to stay out of the nasty, rough and tumble mud slinging we’re expecting over the next few months.

Pick a candidate. Extend an endorsement. Make a contribution. Forget about taking cheap shots with your buddies by mailing out those “hit pieces” for which you’re all so well known. Sit back for a change and let nature take it’s course.

I trust the collective intelligence of the Brea voters far more than the personal opinions of you and your little clique of ex-somethings.

Editorial Update – 01/14/13:

DonS_150As I guessed, Hizonner Schweitzer opted not to run again and his canonization extolled the “green-ness” of his tenure in office. Again, baloney! I should do a CPRA request on his silly One Ton Challenge and expose the sham that it was as well.

A new election cycle is upon us.

By end of the day tomorrow all those truly intending to run for office will have filed their papers with the City Clerk, paid whatever fees and deposits are required and the race is off and running.

Soon, as well, the Registrar of Voters will give some permanent designation to the initiatives on the ballot – currently known as : The Brea Open Governance Act and The Brea Accountability Act.

If 2010 was any example of the “rough and tumble politics” we can expect this year, it’s going to get heated and probably pretty ugly. A number of special interests, i.e. little Brea cliques with selfish personal agendas and an unquenchable need to be a big fish in a small pond, are bound to wade in to support their candidate or issue du jour.

Everyone is tall enough for this ride.

I’m going to do my best to dig into the issues, fact check the claims and allegations, ferret out who’s really behind what and why.

Basically, I’m going to give you the other side of every story. It’s up to you to take from it what you wish and to cast a ballot in support of what you believe to be the truth and the best option for a Brea that fits your vision, that meets your expectations.

You are registered to vote, aren’t you?