The Buck Passes Here.

Mayor Mumbles McEloquent outdoes himself.

garcia_jester_200Anyone who watched last night’s Brea City Council meeting (or catches it on public access over the next couple of weeks) will know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Mayor was in rare form.

I’m not sure what I found more obnoxious, his never-ending stream of inane attempts at humor, usually at the expense of someone else, or his repeated buck passing.  We’ve all grown accustomed to the Mayor’s propensity to hog the spotlight and his penchant for saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Thankfully, the shame and embarrassment he brings to the community has a twelve month shelf life and there’s little likelihood he’ll run for a third term… successfully.

What are you really concerned about, Ron?

jester_aTo even the most casual observer it would appear that you’re far more worried about that fragile reputation of yours than about the serious issues facing the city today.

We get it Ron, none of Brea’s problems can be laid at your feet.  You’ve done an absolutely faultless job for over six years, have always been open and honest with your constituents and have never made a mistake in carrying out your duties.

There are exceptions to every rule.

rgarcia_stacheYou’re perfect… except for taking credit for things that others have done. Oh, and for a couple of fiscal faux pas like voting yourself a raise and handing the City Manager an obscene and unwarranted salary (referring to him as “Mr. Mayor” last night was undoubtedly your finest Freudian slip).  And maybe treading so close to the edge of violating the Brown Act that you actually woke up the City Attorney.

On the other hand, how delighted we are to know that you’re willing to fight for our right to speak our piece from the podium and that you’ll never deny anyone’s right to openly discuss any matter in a public forum.  We salute you.

This is the stuff of great legacies!

6 thoughts on “The Buck Passes Here.

  1. I want to thank you Rick for encouraging me to show up to a council meeting and step up to the microphone during matters from the audience. It’s not an easy thing to do and I was very nervous. But I’m glad that I did and I’m even more glad that it’s over. All I wanted to do is speak from the heart about living here in this fine city and what I hope to expect from all the concerned parties involved regarding pension reform. I know I’m kind of idealistic but I just wanted the council to hear the appeal of an average concerned Brean.

    I also want to thank Stephan Shatynski for not only showing up but also for such an excellent oratory explaining his concerns regarding our unfunded pension liability. When I saw Stephan standing in the back of the council chambers, I know I could get up there too and say my peace. I knew I had to.

    If anyone has any comments or criticism about what I said, I have left my facebook address under “Website” for this comment and clicking my name should take you to my timeline. I have Messaging set to Basic Filtering and anyone can send me a friend request as well.

    Yes, I do feel that Mayor Garcia unfairly threw Roy Moore under the bus tonight. That was extemely unfortunate because Mr. Moore is one of the kindest, friendliest and concerned neighbors I know in this city. He’s an honest decent man with a great heart, and I feel badly for him. But I feel strongly that he represents me better than anyone else on the Brea City Council as well.

    Mrs. Marick ran on the issue of city costs rising faster than city revenues but she chose to remain silent on this issue, just as Brett Murdock and Marty Simonoff were also silent. For once I’d like council members to address these issues as if they owned them and stop deferring to “Mr Mayor” Tim O’Donnell. Tim O’Donnell is supposed to work for them, not the other way around.

    Again Rick, thank you for all your support today and in the past few weeks and thank you for caring about our fine city. I want our city council to take this issue to the next level of resolution and stop backpedaling and slapping themselves on the back for their minimal accomplishments to date.

    • Stephen… The example you set for others by stepping up and speaking out was a bold and courageous move. It will not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

      The depth of knowledge and commitment to his community that Steve Shatynski brings to the table is also just what we need right now. He will not be bullied or bamboozled by O’Donnell or anyone else for that matter.

      Your willingness to be open and approachable is commendable. In an environment where so many hide behind the anonymity the internet provides to slash and burn great people and good ideas, it is nice to see such forthright behavior.

      Roy is “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” and the look on his face last night said it all. Even when blindsided, Roy’s first thought is to give a peaceable and honest response.

      Markman was right last night, cutting off discussion as he did. And I suspect some of the silence from Simonoff, Murdock and Marick is attributable to their grasp of the limitations imposed by the Brown Act. Garcia, on the other hand, was so hellbent to do damage control, he even ignored Markman’s admonition and spoke out again. Foolish behavior which could so easily come back to haunt him.

      Forcing “Mayor” O’Donnell to respond tripped up the master of double-talk. I don’t believe anything he said was forthright or true. His attempt to discredit Steve Shatynski and to paint a picture of how diligent he and his staff have been wrestling with the unfunded pensions situation was laughable. The look on O’Donnell’s face when Garcia cut him off mid-sentence, like a bad episode of Law & Order, was priceless.

      So, “administrative leave” is NOT, in fact, an unpaid status as O’Donnell would have had us believe. Keith Fullington’s estimate of the taxpayer burden is correct… O’Donnell’s salary during the trip cost us nearly $10,000. When O’Donnell cashes in his accrued vacation, that’s almost another $10,000. Add in their expenses totaling nearly another $10,000 and we really are getting hosed!

      Considering that it is now established that O’Donnell (Schweitzer and Murdock as well) had no business going on this junket, 100% of O’Donnell’s time should have been charged to paid vacation but that would be an admission of guilt.

      And I’ll say it again, Schweitzer, Murdock and O’Donnell need to man up and pay the city back for their “bro-cation” to Korea and Japan.

      My first post on Brea Matters (click “About” above) stated, “The goal of Brea Matters isn’t to build a fan base, but to encourage Breans to get to the heart of things on their own.” Thanks to people like you it’s working.

      • I can’t help but think it’s starting to sink in, but only time will tell. She has four years to redeem herself, we’ll see what happens.

  2. There’s paid leave and unpaid leave and I doubt that T O’D opted for unpaid leave.

    On another note, I watched the Fullerton council meeting prior to Brea; during public comments William Dannemeyer (remember him? former Assemblymember, former Congressman – he preceded Royce) did a nice smackdown about how he was treated by Fullerton PD counter staff when he wanted to 1)report graffiti and 2)ask for an appt with FPD’s chief. He had ranks, names and specifics – go Bill!

    • Boadicea… You’re exactly right and I discovered this morning that the administrative leave O’Donnell too was paid. Another case of him blowing smoke…

      I do remember Bill Dannemeyer, I hear he seemed pretty spry and lucid at 83. Bill, whether you shared his politics and often controversial stand on the social issues of his day, did have a reputation for doing his homework.

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