A changing of the guard.

monkees_2No one I talk with about Brea politics has a clue what will happen Tuesday night. The speculation leads to numerous scenarios, all of them influenced, to a large extent, by the demise of the old O’Donnell guided voting block and the unknown quantity of Christine Marick.┬áMost folks agree that there is likely heavy lobbying going on. Brown Act restrictions would keep these back room negotiations underground, and no one is foolish enough to think it isn’t happening.

Politics vs. Precedents

king_don_150Last year the voting block blindsided Council by turning their backs on decades of precedent and awarding Don Schweitzer the gift of reigning as Mayor in his final year.

They added insult to injury by inserting Brett Murdock into the line to the throne as Mayor Pro Tem.

While a large number voters were shocked and dismayed, few took the time to speak out about it. Now, with the hoped for shift in the balance of power, maybe the situation will get the scrutiny it deserves and order will be restored.

Murdock for Mayor?

Murdock MPTNo way. He wasn’t ready to be a council member when he was elected and his performance since being elected underscores his continued failure to learn the job. He spends more time glad-handing than getting things done. What are his credits?

  • Asked Council to further limit the public’s ability to speak at meetings.
  • Lobbied to spend money the city doesn’t have to move a county library that is fine where it is to a building the city doesn’t own.
  • Failed to make good on his campaign promise to get the parking ordinance ticketing residents on street sweeping days rescinded.
  • Was the last to return the windfall flex benefit raise and is apparently still making payments to return it in full.
  • Selected to voice the city’s objections on Measures T and U during the debate, instead he spent his time bragging about what a marvelous job the overpaid City Manager did.
  • Spent taxpayer dollars, lots of them, to go on an inappropriate junket to South Korea and Japan with Schweitzer and O’Donnell.

According to his new Facebook page, Murdock’s favorite quote is, “Politics separate the men from the boys (and women from the girls). Boys get into politics to be someone. Men get into politics to do something.” A little odd coming from the pool boy that has done nothing.

Murdock MPT 2The site also suggests his aspirations center around a career in politics. He claims to be a moderate with no party affiliation (another “decline to state”). Good luck with that.

We’ve just endured a year under the mayorship of one prima donna, will Council be so short sighted as to make the same mistake twice?

If history is any indication, there’s a good possibility that we’re in for another year of political double-speak, closed door sessions and continued managerial dysfunction. Like surviving a double dip recession isn’t enough…

Tune in to public access Channel 3 at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday (12/18) to watch your Council hard at work.

[OMG, did that really just happen? Not what you expected, huh Christine.]