14 thoughts on “Operation Clean Sweep IS The Issue.

  1. As someone with no dog in the hunt, I now live outside Brea, my thoughts:

    Glenn is very intelligent; I think he can do well by Brea in a second Council iteration. Cecilia; while I don’t know her, I recognize the name and have never heard anything negative. Steve; on the fence, if he has matured and willing to consider other opinions (e.g., positive consensus on decisions), he could be a positive addition.

    • Boadicea… I hold a more enthusiastic view of the same scene. Appreciate the confirmation.

    • The thing is, Steve Vargas was right in 2001 when he was one of the very few council members in any city in the county that opposed the generous pension giveaways that today sees this city approaching $75 million in unfunded pension liability; and in the meantime has already crippled cities like Costa Mesa and Santa Ana.

  2. Rick,
    While I agree with your first two choices for City Council, your number three pick, for the reasons you stated, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

    With Glenn you will get the same disdain for public opinion. He sounds good but in reality not so much. Mr. Parker campaigned for Measure E, and did not support Measures T&U.

    Aren’t we looking for a fiscal conservative? “Clean Sweep” includes Mr. Parker. He has been city treasurer since 2004. Sounds like the “old guard” to me.

    Glenn talks the talk but can he walk the walk?

    • Connie… the reasons I stated are the truth, as I’ve deduced from doing my homework. Glenn walks the walk. If they’re not your truth, so be it.

      My bottem line here was to encourage folks to come to their own considered decision. Who I endorse, who I vote for, is my business, who you vote for is yours.

      You’re not one who walks into the polling both and flips a coin. We need more like you.

  3. The bitterness and name calling has gone way too far. When you refer to Mr. Murdock as “the pool boy” that was truly awful. Even for those who don’t support Mr. Murdock, there ought to be a limit to how far these attacks will go, and they ought to immediately condemn you for your statements.

    I thought in America we took pride in those who start from humble beginnings and become successful. I guess in his day Abraham Lincoln’s enemies did refer to him as a “log splitter”.

    It has been truly educational to see how even local politics can be highjacked by a few people and become a cesspool. You all ought to be ashamed.

    • Randy… Apparently you’re new to Brea Matters and it’s acerbic style. Your accusation of bitterness is untrue and unprovable. Your condemnation is childish and your weak attempt at circular logic is appalling.

      Ask yourself, who benefits from intimidating local businesses to remove the oppositions signs and sneaks around late at night stealing yard signs?

      Those whining about dirty politics today had no compunction about playing dirty themselves in 2010 and 2012. Who was fined $2,000 by the FPPC for failure to disclose that he lead the committee, Breans Against Measures T and U?

      The big difference is they based their rough and tumble tactics on lies and innuendo. The broad public disillusionment with the pool boy’s track record is that there is none.

      Ashamed? Anything but.

      Comparing Brett Murdock to Abraham Lincoln gets the award for funniest comment ever posted on Brea Matters. Congratulations.

    • “Pool Boy” is by far too generous in my opinion. Rick is being too nice.
      I prefer to call him… never mind. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

    • Mike… Thanks for joining in and for a great question.

      My purpose with this thread was to publicly endorse those candidates I felt were best suited to tackle the changes needed at city hall today and to guide the business of the city in the years ahead.

      I also felt compelled to reinforce my disappointment with how (sorry Randy) the pool boy has squandered an opportunity to do good in this community.

      Describing the lesser qualities of the remaining candidates seemed inappropriate. I would be happy to discuss the greater details over a cup of coffee but won’t do that here.

  4. I’m voting for Steve Vargas and Cecelia Hupp.

    I know Steve Vargas can stand on his own two feet for what he believes in. I’m hoping the same is true for Cecelia Hupp too. Her alliance with Parker is bothersome to me though.

    But what other choices do I have? I’m not going to vote for the other unmentioned candidate handpicked by Ron Garcia.

    • Stephen… Many are facing the same choices you are and are coming to similar conclusions. Anyone seeing last night’s candidate’s forum should agree, frontrunners Hupp, Vargas and Parker know their stuff and are team builders.

      Kim has been called, by Garcia, his handpicked successor… and recently distributed door hangers have him teamed up with Murdock. I’m not sure how to characterize this other than a strategic faux pas of the first order.

  5. Watched a replay of the recent Candidate’s Forum; Murdoch came across in many responses as “poor me” and at least somewhat flippant in others. Impressed w/Ms. Hupp and Parker, less so with Vargas, definitely less so with Harris and Kim.

    I think the range of constituents’ questions was a good one to identify how candidates would respond to issues important to constituents. I also liked how some questions were directed to specific candidates.

    The moderator did an excellent job of keeping the forum under control. The question as to the Mayor’s “grade” was a hoot, frankly – greatly enjoyed the answers.

    • Zhani… there is a lot to learn/confirm watching the forum, particularly in person. I watched from home, getting texts from folks in the room. Their’s was a more intense experience. They could see, first hand, the frustration and anger in Murdock and his camp. We’ll know in a couple of weeks.

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