Concerned Residents Snubbed!

murdock snubs concerned residentsConcerned residents who raised some serious questions regarding health and safety issues potentially linked to fracking of oil wells within Brea have been snubbed by Hizoner The Pool Boy. Ignoring campaign promises to support the people of Brea and promote greater transparency in government, Mayor Murdock and Mayor Pro Tem Marick have turned their backs on these concerned residents and given Linn Energy an opportunity to shove their PR message down Brean’s throats.

Not a level playing field.

concerned residents snubbedPutting Linn Energy on tonight’s agenda while failing to give citizens ample opportunity and time to prepare an equivalent presentation of their position is appalling. If educating the Council on fracking is Murdock’s intent, why would he turn his back on residents and address only information favoring the oil and gas industry’s position?

Is he getting a discount on his pomade? Are campaign contributions riding on this? I have no idea. In the coming months I suppose all of this will sort itself out. I hope you will be watching Channel 3 tonight, or will tap into the video stream on the city’s website and see for yourself what transpires. I know I’ll be watching.

Don’t take my word for it…

See Pat Fox’s comment for details on a local forum this Saturday evening at the Brea Congregational Church on Imperial Hwy. – 7:00 PM.

4 thoughts on “Concerned Residents Snubbed!

  1. I was there at the council meeting. Nothing was shoved down anyone’s throat.

    This appalled writer says, “I have no idea.” How true. The writer asks questions that display a closed mind.

    So let me pose a few questions of my own: Is the writer a total moron? Is he/she making money off this? Does hysteria run in your family?

    • Far be it from me to deny anyone the right to express their opinion. The First Amendment does not distinguish between brilliance and ignorance.

      Bill, you might be wise to remember the words of Abraham Lincoln, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

      FYI – Mr. Peebles is a Senior Staff Engineer at Linn Energy.

  2. Rick hope your readers will attend a Fracking Forum Saturday, July 19 at 7pm at the Congregational Church, 300 E. Imperial Hwy (Parking in rear of church and on Flower St.) This is a good chance to learn about fracking and its impact in Brea.

    Speakers are:

    Dr. Tom Williams, PhD in geology and zoology (UCBerkeley)
    Hollin Kretzmann, staff attorney, Center for Biological Diversity
    Alex Nagy, So. Calif. Organizer, Food and Water Watch.

    Pat Fox

    • Pat… I am so grateful that someone who has devoted decades to helping make Brea a better place to live, who has served this community in so many ways, continues their service to the community by joining the discussion here.

      I’m looking forward to hearing this presentation Saturday and thank you for bringing it to our attention.

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