A Dark Day In Brea History.

I hereby promise...December 18, 2012 will be remembered as a day when Brea traditions, protocols and ethics were tossed aside to satisfy the personal agendas and inflated egos of two who had been elected to serve the people of Brea and elected instead to pursue their own selfish interests.

To absorb the full impact of the events of this evening, the city’s website provides streaming videos of meetings online. Select the December 18 video, go to items 18/19 and watch what others have described to me as “a well orchestrated coup” and other phrases laced with too many expletives to post here.

First… last rights.

DonS_150I’ll save you the trouble and boredom of watching all the glad handing, back slapping and political jabbering. Here’s a summary of what preceded the unforeseen coup d’état.

Lame duck Mayor Don Schweitzer opened the meeting calling it the “changing of the guard” which confirms what I suspected, that he reads Brea Matters on a regular basis. Should I be flattered? I was happy just getting the mug.

Pomp and circumstance.

cock_150With Murdock playing master of ceremonies, Schweitzer was canonized by every absent politician’s personal assistant gushing over him and handing him all manner of commendations to hang in his office.

Fourth District Supervisor Shawn Nelson did show up and, like a bromance out of control, rambled about Schweitzer’s skills as an architect, a Brea prodigy and third generation politician.

Virtually everything Nelson credited Schweitzer with did more to further the Schweitzer family legacy than leave a lasting mark on Brea.

A little damage control, gangnam style.

chickenbutt_150Brea’s Korean Sister City Association handed Schweitzer commendations from the folkloric event in Anseong, South Korea. Schweitzer, Murdock and O’Donnell took that trip to Anseong and Hanno, Japan at tax payer’s expense. At least Schweitzer acknowledged taking a lot of criticism for that bungle.

Now that he’s gone it’s unlikely he, Murdock or O’Donnell will do the right thing and pay the city back for their vacation. If voters yelled as loudly as they did about the flex benefits, I wonder if Council could actually be shamed again into doing what is right?

Murdock grandstands.

Murdock took over the gift giving, getting a little too touchy feelie for Schweitzer’s likes, who pulled away from the MPT saying, “Take your arm off of me, okay.” This drew a good chuckle from the crowd but didn’t stop Murdock from giving Schweitzer a big hug when he was done.

Garcia underperforms… again.

The final effusive outpouring of love and affection came from Ron Garcia. Desperately trying to imply a social and political connection that Schweitzer repeatedly dodged, Garcia seemed more interested in talking about himself (his favorite subject) and polishing his mediocre comedic talents than honoring a retiring constituent. There’s ten minutes wasted that I’ll never get back.

Now for the debacle.

I hope you’ve taken a few moments to watch the clear demonstration of vindictive behavior, collusion smelling a lot like Brown Act violations and complete disregard for either precedent or ethics.

brett_150Murdock opened the reorganization by saying, “I would prefer not to be Mayor, but remain Mayor Pro Tem.” Though he first invited council members to make nominations, he usurped their opportunity, making a motion to name Ron Garcia as 2013 Mayor.

After glancing at both Moore and Simonoff, Marick blurted out her second and it was off to the races.

Moore interjected, attempting to make a nomination of his own, but was stopped dead in his tracks by City Attorney Markman who reminded him that the motion on the floor took precedent. Markman must have known what Moore was attempting but failed to mention that a substitute motion would be perfectly legal so Moore said no more.

Cripe! How much longer are we going to pay Markman the big bucks to handle complicated legal issues when it doesn’t seem that he can even get his head around Roberts Rules of Order? Most of us learned that in high school.

Let me interject here that this use of motions isn’t the normal procedure.

Having personally participated in a half dozen Commission reorganizations (as a Brea Cultural Arts Commissioner) and witnessed several others, there is a simple nominating process that requires no second and allows for multiple nominations to be made and considered.

This use of a formal motion was a tactic to railroad the Council!

Following Moore being stymied by Markman, a voice vote was taken. Murdock, Marick and Garcia voted yes, Moore and Simonoff voted no. I don’t remember a split decision during Council reorganization. I’ll bet that Steve Vargas’s memory would prove better than mine.

garcia_borat_2Garcia took the gavel and quickly preempted his peers by making a similar motion naming Murdock as the Mayor Pro Tem for 2013.

If you listened closely to the video, you’ll hear Garcia almost slip up and say “nominate” instead of “make a motion” – oops.

A hesitant second by Marick was followed by an identical split decision.

Was this a quid pro quo?

I have little doubt that Garcia wanted to add another mayoral term to his credit or that the value of running for a second term in 2014 as Mayor escaped Murdock. The groundwork for a quid pro quo couldn’t be any more evident.

marick_150I might be inclined to give Marick a pass due to her naiveté and lack of experience.

I would, but it’s difficult to dismiss the campaign allegations that suggested she was the heir apparent to fill the O’Donnell guided voting block that has controlled Council for too long already.

pineapple1When the old guard stormed out of the council chambers after witnessing this nightmare, closely followed by Marick’s husband sporting a worried look on his face, it makes one wonder if alliances have been broken.

You’ve got two eyes and a brain.

Please, don’t just sit there and swallow my impression of this dark dark night. Use your eyes and brain to come to your own conclusions. I believe, if you really watched the meeting or video, that you’ve done that already.

If you haven’t witnessed these events for yourself, again, please take the time to watch that segment of the meeting. It should also be airing twice a day on Time Warner public access channel 3.

A new political landscape.

The poor imitation of an official public meeting that occurred the night of December 18 may well alter the political landscape in Brea. Don’t be surprised to find former foes, all having Brea’s best interests at heart but differing approaches, joining forces.

We may have to wade through two more years of abysmal city management but it won’t be without redress. In 2014 Garcia likely won’t run again but Murdock will undoubtedly attempt to reenergize his flagging political career.

Hopefully a strong new political alliance will emerge to quash Murdock’s efforts, to find and bring to voters a new array of worthy candidates and to once again put an open governance initiative on the ballot.

Oh yeah… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Seriously. I mean it from the bottom of my heart!

“God bless us one and all.”

8 thoughts on “A Dark Day In Brea History.

  1. The new majority’s actions at Tuesday’s meeting were pathetic but not at all surprising. Here’s hoping that Santa brings us a recall election.

    This is a bit off topic but since we’re talking about Markman, I thought I’d ask. Any idea how much rent his firm pays the city? They list city hall as one of their offices.

    Have a good Christmas Rick. I enjoy reading your blog and insight into O’Donnell’s city hall.

    • Andrew… Merry Christmas to you too! I’m not sure Santa will bring a recall election, but I would guess we could ask if he’d circulate a petition for us!

      Markman’s firm does have an office on the second floor of the civic center. I’m not sure how long they’ve been there or what they pay for it… assuming they do. Why don’t you send the city clerk a CPRA request for Christmas?

      Appreciate your following. Be sure to pass the link along to friends and neighbors.

  2. So this is how things are to be for the next two years? Garcia + Murdock + Marick have a combined 6 years + 2 years + 30 minutes of experience, but their misguided partisan majority will neutralize the more experienced council leadership of Moore’s and Simonoff’s (14 years + 16 years). This is basically in a nutshell what’s wrong with politics today. We are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

    Christine Marick had the chance to be an independent thinker and call for an open council discussion on reorganization instead of instantaneously seconding a motion to nominate Garcia. Then, she did it again for MPT Murdock too! And boom, just like that, reorganization is over. WOW!!! Why shouldn’t Breans be entitled to hear open opinions from each city council person before making a motion? What a joke.

    Marick is little more than a “Stepford Wife”. Garcia is just another baby kissing politician in search of a photo op. And Murdock? LOL!!! Well, Murdock could star in an underwater TV cartoon. Tim O’Donnell is going to continue to do whatever he wants with these three in his hip pocket.

    But Breans have spoken loudly at the polls. As long as they have sports parks to worship their children, they don’t seem care about the the city managers’ or the city council’s indiscretions.

    They spent so much time honoring a retiring politician but no time for open governance? Watching it, I had the sense that I was watching poorly scripted/directed reality TV that was trying to meet time limit restrictions by crunching the most important climactic part of the programming to a mere final few seconds. The rolling credits however, omitted the following:


    Tim O’Donnell
    Brea City Mgr.

    • Stephen… whew! I know who to contact if I want to take a little time off. Thanks for your input!

      It’s my opinion that Christine Marick blew her chance to prove she is an independent thinker and deserves both the walk out demonstration of abject disappointment that occurred that evening and whatever backlash comes her way during what needs to be her one and only term in office.

      Marick and Murdock, in my mind, will forever be the one term mighty morphin’ wonder twins.

      • So basically, if I’m interpreting Mayor Garcia’s own words correctly, not only did he admittedly railroad the 2013 city council reorganization with his own sense of entitlement, but also the 2014 reorganization is pre-determined by MPT Murdock’s own sense of entitlement too, right?

        And Mrs. Marick? She already agrees to this? She is just a rubber stamp to all of this in advance? So much for independent thinking! Aye aye Captain!

      • Stephen… it would appear that their arrogance and presumption knows no bounds, and that our newly elected rubber stamp is more than happy to do their bidding.

  3. Christine didn’t have a choice but to support Ron and Brett.

    I presume they were the ones who got her to run for city council in the first place. They supported and campaigned for her. I didn’t expect her to do anything but support them. It will be up to us to keep track of her votes and expose her for what she really is – a puppet.

    Thank you Rick for using your blog to expose the goings on of the City Council. We will make a difference in the long run.

    • Connie… I understand your sentiments, but she did have a choice… keep the promises she publicly made to Brea voters or the promises she made privately to her supporters.

      Lets all make a difference in the new year.

      The status quo has gotta go.

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