The Importance Of Measure G.

I felt compelled to publish a final word on Measure G before Super Tuesday but I figured everyone has had enough of me and my blizzard of facts that have been circulating in recent weeks.

So I invited to Kelly Kennedy to do a guest blog. For the few of you who may not know Kelly, she has lived in Brea for over 40 years, graduated BOHS (2 years at the old high school and 2 years at new). Kelly taught at Arovista for 6 years, was Principal at Olinda Elementary School for 13 years and has been the Principal at Brea Junior High for the past 6 years.

Kelly Kennedy’s Views on Measure G.

Brea is my hometown, my heart, and my hope for the future! I am truly proud to say that I grew up here in Brea, attended Brea schools, raised my son here in Brea, and have proudly served as an educator in our schools for over 24 years. This town has truly captured my heart, and each and every day, I am honored to serve and give back to this incredible community!

As the current principal of Brea Junior High School, I have the privilege of working with teachers and students every day, and I see firsthand the passion and dedication in providing our students with every opportunity to explore, learn, and reach their full potential.

Sadly, as the principal of a school that is over 104 years old, I also witness the limitations and struggles our lacking and aging facilities have on truly providing those 21st century learning opportunities for our kids.

A simple explanation of a complex problem.

How can we inspire our students to become scientists, when we don’t have science labs to conduct experiments, or become marine biologists when they don’t have lab space to properly dissect fish and sharks in our marine biology classes?

How can we inspire our students to become future engineers, architects, or programmers when we don’t have classrooms equipped to build machines, systems, or structures to solve real world problems?

How can we inspire future musicians when we don’t have a stage big enough for them to showcase their talents?

As an administrator, I question how can we expect our students to see their education as a priority when they are learning in aging classrooms? I question how we can successfully teach our students 21st century skills when they are learning in classrooms built in the early 1900’s?

Yes, it is true that teachers are the foundation behind a great education, but it’s also true that because the state no longer funds maintenance, repairs or infrastructure… it leaves us on our own to figure out how to find the money to do these things.

Without help from the community, sadly, the current conditions of the learning spaces and facilities in our schools is hindering their abilities to truly set the tone for developing the creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking skills in all of our students.

Our kids deserve every opportunity to learn in an environment that challenges them to want to design, build, innovate, and create a better future for our society and our world.

Our kids deserve safe, secure environments that allow them to discover their strengths and what they are truly passionate about in life.

Today is the day we must invest in the future of our kids and our schools!

Today is the day that we revive a strategically planned and sustainable infrastructure for the next 100 years.

Today is the day we invest in Brea!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to openly share my hopes for our kids, our schools, and their future, knowing that as a united community, we will stand together to Vote YES on Measure G.


8 thoughts on “The Importance Of Measure G.

  1. Thank you for the article Rick For me, I’d like to hear comments of Brea PROPERTY OWNERS. Not just from teachers who do not live in Brea or parents who do not live in Brea but actual teachers, parents and others who own Homes in Brea because they are the ones who will have to pay the bond back

    I personally know Kelly and I know she is a homeowner here in Brea so for me she is “putting her money where her mouth is” because she will actually take part in paying the bond back just like the rest of us.

    Seeing such dedicated teachers as Mrs. Kennedy and having an 8th grader at Brea junior high makes it easier for me to vote for Measure G. Thank you Mrs. Kennedy for all that you do for our Brea schools.

    • Cathy… thank you for adding your comments to Kelly’s. I know there are still folks on the fence about Measure G and hearing the truth clearly spoken will, I’m sure, help Measure G pass.

  2. I have been a resident of Brea for over 25 years. My husband and I raised both our boys in Brea. As a matter of fact, my oldest grew up with Kelly Kennedy’s son.

    My boys attended Country Hills, Brea Junior High and Brea Olinda High School. I have been watching the growth of our little town and how such growth has affected, not only our city, but our schools as well.

    Even though both my boys have graduated, finished college and still attend college, I for one, will be voting YES on Measure G!

    Our schools’ need help, and we as residents need to make sure they get the finance needed to improve them. This is a win win for all of us. Excellent schools means excellent value to our homes, neighborhoods and city!

    Thank you Kelly and to all the teachers for supporting Measure G.

    • Tammy… thanks for your input and support. Please be sure to share Brea Matters with your friends on social media.

  3. Well said Kelly. We have an historic opportunity to borrow money at the lowest interest rates ever. We can get more for our dollars and we can positively impact the lives of thousands of students. Without repeating all of the safeguards in place for this bond, I will just say it’s a “must” if Brea wants to be the best it can be.

    Thank you

  4. Kelly, your words are so passionate and genuine! You know better than anyone what a difference this bond will make! The public will see the difference, not just in the infrastructure, but in the opportunities that will open up for our students!

    Thank you for taking the time to share your love for Brea’s students and your thoughts on our bond! You rock!

  5. I can’t believe all of the gloating and smart ass comments on Nextdoor from the “No More Taxes” crowd. I guess it should be expected. I’d love to post their names here like the Brea PD posts “Have You Seen Them” on Facebook and Twitter. These folks are just as criminal.

    • Manny… I’m watching this closer today after reading your comment yesterday. There seems to be a need to re-litigate on the part of the “no” crowd and an almost compulsive need to defend again by the “yes” people.

      I have no clue what purpose this could possibly have.

      I will note that the dominant “no” folks have been and remain the uncivil side of the debate, with the defenders trying to counter all of the unfounded allegations and ad hominem attacks with respectful responses.

      Let me add that one chronic complainer’s almost nagging comments has reminded me of the 30+ years of joy I’ve received from being a devout bachelor.

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