No Loophole Left Behind.

Leave it to lawyers, bureaucrats and politicians to take full advantage of every loophole they discover… or create. With a Mayor that appears to embody all three vocations, it comes as little surprise that loopholes abound down at city hall.

Madrona falls off the radar.

Madrona-yes-1If you were looking for the next (final?) act in the Madrona comedy of errors on tomorrow’s Council agenda I’ll save you some time. It isn’t there.

At the last meeting Murdock and Marrick blindsided everyone with a wish list of new considerations. Turns out the two largest financial windfalls they were trying to orchestrate are illegal. Yup, against the law.

The attempt to extract an additional $3.2 to $5.4 million to acquire additional Cal Domestic Water Co. preferred shares is, you guessed it, illegal. Their request for $742,875 in supplemental park-in-lieu fees in addition to the statutory $1.6 million park-in-lieu fees the city was already getting turns out to also be, yep, illegal.

Solution? Buy a little more time.

christine_talksLooks like our budding barrister blew it. Now Murdock and Marrick need another two weeks (minimum) to do damage control, to find a new gambit for getting blood from a stone.

Not satisfied getting 9 out of 11 conditions approved Mrs. Marrick? You got your un-snooty un-gated community and your snooty custom estates approved. Seems to me you two are being more than a little greedy.

City Attorney Markman, when I asked about the missing agenda item, responded, “… there was and is no legal requirement for the matter to be on tomorrow’s Council meeting agenda.” I’m pretty confident he would deny the presence of any loophole.

More agenda skulduggery.

brett_praysTucked in amongst trivial housekeeping items on the Study Session agenda is a request from Murdock to take a trip to sister city Lagos de Moreno to help celebrate their 451 year anniversary.

This sounds eerily similar to the junket he took with Schweitzer and O’Donnel to Anseong and Hanno a couple of years ago. Can you say Koreagate?

What part of no don’t you understand?

The precedent for 45 years has been for Council members to pay their own way. On only two occasions was this not been the case.

Once, when Roy Moore was hit with two foreign travel obligations within one year, the City Manager suggested the city would be able to cover at least the airfare for the second trip. Moore paid the balance.

The second deviation was the vacation Schweitzer, Murdock and O’Donnell took at taxpayer’s expense. A contentious issue yet today, the matter has been swept under the rug and remains unresolved. Certainly no new precedent has been set.

Sneaking this in under the radar by slipping the matter onto the Study Session agenda demonstrates just how unwilling some are to transparently conduct the city’s business.

If you feel so “justified” Mr. Murdock, at least have the juevos to review the pros and cons of the Lagos de Moreno request when the public is able to attend and the discussion will be part of the video record.


Let’s put an end to weaving one loophole after another and get down to conducting the people’s business without all of the hidden agendas.


4 thoughts on “No Loophole Left Behind.

  1. Call me Carnak, but I see this as an effort to push this issue out past the November election. Both applicant and appellant deserve an up or down vote now.

    • Kevin… Agreed, all concerned deserve a more decisive response from Council. Your instincts are good and the November election will be effected by this.

  2. Not wanting to sound snooty, but what do you expect when you elect the “pool boy.” Granted, he taught many of Brea’s children how to swim but that does not make a quality politician.

    Let’s take a quick look at his record as I know it. His initial website claimed he was a “prosecutor” for the Orange County DA’s office, he gets fined by the FPPC for failure to report, he takes an all expense paid trip on the citizens, he tries to stall an impending development by making up absurd requirements (the two largest money grabs proving to be illegal) and finally, he censures any citizen that has a differing view point from his.

    And the irony is… many citizens who voted for him are surprised. Really?

    As for Marrick, I’ll save those little tidbits for later. People really need to do their homework for this upcoming election. If they don’t, we’re doomed. History will repeat itself and the nightmare will continue.

  3. Paul provides a clear laundry list of Murdock’s record. Murdock is an attorney and teaches government at CSUF, yet has no idea what is legal, illegal, unethical or ethical? Interesting!

    People should also be looking twice at Brea’s self-qualified political elite. They made sure “Dory” the pool boy was elected. He was their horse (fish) in 2010. The old guard should just keep swimming, just keep swimming… if they haven’t drowned already.

    They’re the group that derailed a qualified candidate who refused to be their puppet.

    Look at the endorsements for Brett 2010 and Marrick 2012, it’s a list of the same Brea politico has-beens. That old guard was blind in 2010 and could not see the forest for the trees. OCFA was never coming back to the table, but their childish anxiety got the best of them and they played their usual game.

    What did Brea get? An inept council.

    For 2014, 2016, 2018, etc., research candidates and look at the endorsements with scrutiny. Question if those are the same names who brought you Murdock and Marrick. If they are, vote opposite! It is the only way to stop this tyranny.

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