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  1. The list of specific projects is available on the District’s website:

    There are more than $300 million in repair and improvement needs that have been identified in the Brea Olinda School District. The costs listed in this document are best estimates of project cost and are subject to change due to the timing of a project, market conditions, and requirements of the projects associated with ADA compliance and engineering and design approval from the Department of the State Architect.

    Additionally, all projects are subject to School Board approval prior to their execution and events outside of the control of the District may cause projects to change in their order of priority on the list.

    • Jodi, the list of specific projects the district made available is a good first step, but it is not part of Measure K and therefore cannot be used to hold the district accountable for spending Measure K funds.

      If Measure K were amended to include only the specific projects that would be funded (subject to change with board approval) that would go a long way toward fixing the problems with the measure.

      I understand that costs are subject to change, but have the existing estimates for these projects been verified by an independent audit?

      I’m glad that all projects are subject to School Board approval, but unfortunately the current school board has a history of approving expenses retroactively, after the money has already been spent. See my post linked below for more info:

      If voters put a new school board in place I would be more confident that there would be actual oversight.

  2. Jason,

    Supporters of the $148 million bond tax (actually $300 million +/-) after interest is added, continually try to fool the public by declaring the project list provided by BOUSD are the ACTUAL projects that will be undertaken with their TAX dollars. That is far from the truth.

    The District has no obligation to start, finish, or complete any project on those lists. The only obligations they have is to do SOMETHING on their declared list on OCVote.com’s website. See both quotes below for the actual wording on BOUSD’s actual Ballot Measure K.

    “Inclusion of a project on the Bond Project List is not a guarantee that the project will be completed (regardless of whether bond funds are available).”

    “Based on the final costs of each project, certain projects may be delayed or may not be undertaken.”

    So in BOUSD’s own words BOUSD does not guarantee anything.

    To think that the current Board would be in charge of approving anything, especially $148 million dollars is beyond scary!

    Vote NO on Measure K.

  3. I’ve been lurking on Nextdoor for the last couple of weeks watching various threads discuss Measure K. I’m disappointed to see how those in favor really don’t seem to have any ammunition for their argument.

    They just keep redirecting the conversation to side topics that are completely irrelevant. An acceptable tactic in a high school debate but when $148 million is on the line, it’s unacceptable.

    I hope enough others who really care about what’s happening to Brea schools reach the same conclusion I have and stop Measure K in it’s tracks.

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