Mission Statement

A great global awakening that Black Lives Matter casts a long shadow over this blog’s original name – Brea Matters. What seemed to be a creative branding solution almost a decade ago now begs to evolve with the times.

From today forward this blog is One Brea.

One Brea will be focused upon facts, the truths behind the most critical issues facing our community.

As Daniel Patrick Moynihan cleverly said, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion but not their own facts.” One Brea will endeavor to always deal in facts and will frame informed opinions based upon those facts.

We won’t always agree.

And that’s okay. Opinions can be persuasive, but only the assertions they are based upon can be said to be true or false. Remember, informed opinions rely upon evidence.

The mission of One Brea is to provide a platform where all opinions can be expressed without fear of censorship. Do not be surprised to find yourself challenged should you stray from the facts.

One Brea has been created to encourage Brea voters to spend the time to arm themselves with the truth. I would expect the debates here will be robust and informative.

Welcome. Please bookmark One Brea and share the link with your friends and neighbors.