He’s No Friend Of Brea.

diamond_dIn the past 72 hours, this self-absorbed nutjob published seven blog posts, supposedly about the Brea downtown parking structure. The total word count is 13,781 words, not one of which bears even a slight resemblance to the truth.

He eviscerates the hard work of Brea’s staff. He dances on the edge of slander, painting grotesque and wholly inaccurate pictures of every Brea Council member. He does a libelous job of character assassination of the downtown Brea business owners.

His schoolyard attempts to bully me, disparage this blog and cast aspersions on my interest in and support of my community is of no concern. This feckless pretender lacks the power to blow his own nose.

So, what is this rambling shock and awe campaign knocking Brea really all about?

What’s the point of his scandalmongering personal agenda? Why does someone recently relocated to Brea, renting (not a tax payer), operating a less than stellar legal business from his kitchen table (I assume he has a Brea business license) suddenly take such an over-the-top interest in local government?

I think his saber rattling is designed to produce one thing, plaintiffs. He’s stalking new prey.

Diamond_3BHis work as general counsel for an Anaheim based political activist group seems to have come up a crapper and he has rent to pay and a reputation desperately in need of repair.

It seems he may be in the market for new clients interested in suing Brea. Contrary to his protestations, not the best way to help preserve Brea’s general fund.

I find him, his tactics and agenda appalling. I worry about those who seem to have been hypnotized by the drone of his voice.

Folks in Brea see him for what he is.

Thankfully, only a handful of Murdock’s leftovers give any credence to what this numbskull posts. I’m surprised they have the stamina to wade through all that indecipherable blathering.

I’ve been thrilled to hear from so many friends and neighbors who get it, who value how a revitalized downtown will benefit this community for decades to come. Who understand what an investment is, that the ROI will begin the moment the Council approves a contract to build a parking structure in downtown Brea.

Real Brean’s are people who believe that a project which pays for itself in the long run is well worth the investment.


8 thoughts on “He’s No Friend Of Brea.

  1. You left out so much about this jerk. He exists to promote candidates who hire his stepdaughter… including Brea’s Murdock, and obsesses about anonymous commenters. He never seems to disclose that his stepdaughter works for those he promotes when he writes about them on The Brean.

    He practices law from his rented apartment (not a Brea taxpayer) and is so hated by his own party that they removed him by a 70-30 vote from a party leadership job.

    Nice photo. He really showed up wearing black (because it’s sliming) and sandals? How bad do you think his toes are? I feel so bad for his wife.

    Go crawl back into the gutter Mr. Diamond. You are a pompous pendejo and you can’t ban me here.

    • Mr. Ditr… How do you really feel! LOL! Not sure about his toes, didn’t see them. I doubt he can either. Thanks for wading in! Unlike Diamond’s blogs, you won’t get censored or banned here.

  2. When he ran for state senate in 2012, is it true most of the money he raised went to pay his daughter?

    • Daddy… A search of the Secretary of State Campaign Filings records show no campaign filing for him. I’m left to assume he raised less than $5,000 or there would have been legal action taken. How the money was spent will remain a mystery. All we do know is that he didn’t come close to winning.

  3. He’s been a gadfly in North Orange County since at least July, 2011. I first saw him expound his opinions when viewing Fullerton city council meetings following the beating death of Kelly Thomas. During that time, he purportedly lived in a rented house in the area near the Brea museum. I also recall that he ran against Bob Huff, but may be mistaken about the opponent.

    He is a buffoon.

    • Zhani… Thanks for confirming his nomadic approach to practicing law. The link I provided above confirms his weak attempt to unseat Bob Huff. He also ran failed attempts to replace OCDA Tony Rackauckas and to gain a seat on the MWDOC Board of Directors.

  4. Follow up – out of sheer curiosity, I googled “Greg Diamond Brea”; lots of interesting links popped up.

    • Zhani… Yeah, just the blog headlines alone read like a rejected script for a reality show. I wonder why the handful of folks “liking” his poisen pen Facebook page against the downtown parking structure never Googled him?

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