OC Register Says No On Measure E.

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Brea voters defeat Measure E, saving property owners millions in increased taxes and preventing a massive legacy of debt from being passed on to their children. Now it’s time to sweep out all the old deadwood from the School Board and put some creative thinking, fiscally responsible people in control.

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The Orange Country Register strongly opposes Measure E, the $54 million General Obligation bond that will put Brea homeowners deeper and deeper in debt without offering anything remotely looking like a detailed plan to spend it. The 20 year plan on the school district’s website is woefully lacking project specific information.

Here’s what the OCR Editorial Board has to say, “Measure E – NO – This measure would increase by $54 million Brea Olinda schools’ bond burden to build facilities with a mere 55-percent vote. Taxes would increase $9 a year on each $100,000 of a property’s assessed valuation.

We calculate that to be $40.50 a year for a new homeowner. Homes purchased before about 2002 would be assessed less because of Proposition 13 protections. But costs could jump as high as $34 per $100,000 in fiscal year 2028-29, or $153 a year for a $455,000 home.

Government money is fungible, meaning this increase for “facilities” could be used to free money for any other purpose, including teacher and administrator salaries and operating expenses.”

To see what the OCR has to say about other ballot measures, go to: “Recommendations for June 5 ballot

Hopefully, tomorrow, cooler heads will prevail and the very expensive media blitz produced by the small special interest group feigning interest in our kid’s education will be foiled. They say it’s for the kids. It’s not.

Do the right thing, vote NO on Measure E.

Your kids and neighbors will thank you for years to come.

8 thoughts on “OC Register Says No On Measure E.

    • Sally… there were a lot of dedicated folks who worked very hard to make this happen. It is a precedent setting event and I believe bodes well for the future of our schools and our community as well.

  1. Rick I love it when a plan comes together! Kudos to you and all who worked so hard 🙂

    • Anita… Thanks! Rumors now abound, but until the dust settles and the truth can once again be found, I’m off on my next topic.

  2. Congratulations! Very interesting the point from a reader that the school district can’t manage the technology they already have. I would go further and say that the district also can’t manage they funds they have very well.

    • Mitch… not only have they failed to manage the technology they have now, there was no detailed description in their promo materials and advertising explaining how they intended to solve that dilemma. You’re right. They pretty much have drug their ineptness out into the light of day. Doesn’t bode well for any of them in upcoming elections, particularly those who seem to have made a career out of it.

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