Old Guard Does Damage Control.

Speakers one, two, three at Matters from the Audience tonight, the Old Guard’s Lynn Daucher. Bev Perry and Glenn Parker went straight into damage control mode.  Having exposed themselves and their obsession to have everything done their way during the recent campaign season, their performance at the podium tonight struck me as a last ditched effort to establish some relevance.

Though they’re a day late and a dollar short, it was oddly reaffirming that they ripped Schweitzer, Murdock and O’Donnell new ones over the inappropriate and unacceptable junket they took to Korea and Japan.

You heard it here first folks.

As the first to publicly challenge Schweitzer, Murdock and O’Donnell for their arrogant misuse of public funds (September 20) to attend a Sister Cities folkloric event with a side trip to Japan for a little sushi (November 6), I’m somewhat heartened to think that this egregious violation of the public trust has even evoked the wrath of the Old Guard.

Daucher’s tongue lashing was given with the hopes that her own shady past was sufficiently ancient history, but it only took about two minutes following the meeting’s adjournment before a couple of sharp Brea residents sent me a link to an OCWeekly article from ’07.

It mentions allegations of Daucher “improperly charging California taxpayers for personal travel and then attempting to mask the expenditures.” Oops…

Can you say double standard?

Bev Perry, in her signature impromptu rambling style, once again extolled the virtues of how great things were in the ol’ days.  If I understood what she was suggesting, recent policy changes (i.e. since she left office) have undermined the Council’s ability to make consistently well considered decisions.

She challenged the travel expenditure, pointing out that, again in the good ol’ days, assuming such junkets could even get approved, all travel costs would have come through Sister City car washes or bake sales, better yet perhaps be covered by the Chamber of Commerce… not from the General Fund!

Hmmm… isn’t that what I was suggesting months ago?

Finally, Glenn Parker waded in telling Council that they need to set aside their personal differences and agendas and start conducting the city’s business like adults, carrying out the desires of their constituents.

Nobody believes Murdock is ready to take on the role as Mayor, we’ll see if the people’s will prevails.

Measure T received more votes than Marty Simonoff, underscoring the people’s desire to get serious about capping salaries and costs. We’ll see if O’Donnell and Markman mount a campaign to derail what “we the people” worked so hard to achieve.

Parker also harped upon how long it’s been since Brea conducted any legitimate community engagement or independent compensation analysis (not that funky ten city survey). According to Parker, it’s easily been over 20 years. Long overdue, wouldn’t you say?

And, as a postscript, Keith Fullington once again made a plea for a complete accounting of the costs of this Asian adventure. To date, O’Donnell’s salary and benefits have been conveniently excluded. Clearly not best practices one would find in the private sector.

Fullington promised to keep coming back until he got an answer, to which Mayor Schweitzer arrogantly replied, “See you at the next meeting Keith.”

Time for the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

4 thoughts on “Old Guard Does Damage Control.

  1. Rick… My column exposing and questioning the propriety of the junket, I mean important trip, to Korea and Japan was published in the Star-Progress on Nov. 20, 2012. I was glad the Old Guard finally spoke out against such trips, courtesy of us taxpayers.
    Terri Daxon

    • Terri… Yes, you took a stand some time ago as well, duly noted.

      I believe the Old Guard has, for some time, felt this junket was totally out of line. Speaking out on it earlier, during the campaign, conflicted with their efforts to get Christine Marick elected… when they were all co-endorsers and vocal supporters with Schweitzer, Garcia and Murdock.

      Now that the inconvenience is behind them, they come out swinging? How obvious is that? The ends justify the means?

      Their agenda has always been, and will remain, self serving. Their little bit of grandstanding last night isn’t fooling anyone.

      Now that they’ve turned their backs on Murdock, I suppose realizing (like the rest of us) how inept and unsuited for Council Murdock is, I wonder if they’ll start lobbying to pass him over for Mayor? If they don’t, the depth of their hypocrisy will be quite clear.

  2. My first reaction to the trio’s tongue lashing of the current city council regarding their misuse of public funds was pure glee but then I settled down, came to my senses and thought, “What was their motive for that public display of disgust?”

    “Something sneaky is happening.” Then it came to me!

    Was Glenn Parker advocating for a community engagement program lead by himself, Lynn and Bev? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    • Connie… Precisely the same thought occurred to me, they’re trying to appear relevant again. They’re a decade or more too late and too self centered to realize it.

      Given Bev’s performance “leading” the public dialog on fire services and her completely contrived report to Council that reinforced O’Donnell’s opinion but, thanks to widespread public outcry, was completely rewritten to express the truth… she’s off the table as far as I’m concerned.

      Do we need greater public involvement in local government?


      Are any of these three a good choice to spearhead the effort?


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