There Ought To Be A Law.

  • Requiring government to conduct its business in public.
  • Requiring government to be accountable to voters.
  • Requiring government records to be accurate and accessible.
  • Requiring government to live within its means.
  • Requiring government to treat its constituents with respect.

Don’t be fooled by those who are too invested in Brea’s status quo to give up their power and authority over you.

Measures T and U weren’t written by politicians, but by everyday people just like you.  Every piece of legislation has flaws.  Every piece of legislation may be legally challenged in one way or another.

The potential for good in a piece of legislation is lost without the people first voting yes and making it law.

Measures T and U, by their very nature, are designed to do good for the people of Brea.  It took 6,000 signatures from Brea voters to put them on the ballot and now these initiatives are being threatened by a handful of former Brea politicians who can’t face losing control.

What do you want, city officials and staff unaccountable to the people they serve or Brea’s city business conducted behind closed doors?

No.  Breans want open government, limited in it’s ability to spend money on frivolous and often unnecessary pet projects and conducted by a City Council and Staff who are willing to work openly and to be held accountable by the people for their actions.

What can you do to help make this happen?

Vote yes on Measures T and U!