6 thoughts on “Public engagement should be more than just a campaign promise.

  1. I AGREE. Government bodies on the local, state and federal levels have too often become inclusive to only what the politicians think or want. All government bodies need to remember that they are elected BY the people and work FOR the people. When the City, State or Federal government bodies quit allowing the people to voice their opinion, the process is limited to only what the politicians think.

    I agree with Rick that “motivating you to share your thoughts and opinions, preferably in the setting of a public forum, but via email to your favorite council member is good too. Just don’t sit back and say nothing. If you’re hesitant to speak publicly, then write! Encourage Council to make transparency and public engagement more than just another campaign promise”.

    My business is to run promotional events. And when I assemble a team to run the events, I encourage them all to take feedback from everyone. I always emphasize that we don’t know it all and there are alot of people out there that have great ideas.

    When Brea was redeveloping the downtown area years ago, they always encouraged city residents to participate in the “Brea Charrette” (Defined as a meeting in which all stakeholders in a project attempt to resolve conflicts and map solutions). These meetings were helpful to the city and residents in trying to develop a downtown area that would be pleasing, inviting and profitable for the City of Brea. These meetings were great. Not all ideas were implemented, but a good basis was formed and discussed thoroughly.

    This is what Brea needs to start up again. Save the money from hiring consultant groups and marketing companies and just form Resident Community Groups that care about the well-being and future of Brea. I’d bet it would save alot of time at council meetings and this group would be able to offer a variety of good ideas and suggestions to City Staff.

    • Craig… Thanks for wading in and for the support! It can’t be stressed enough that folks need to make their ideas and opinions known. Ditto Council and staff providing real, meaningful opportunities for public engagement.

      The Downtown Charrette was considered by many to be the first (and only) successful attempt to gather public opinion. We’ll soon embark upon Envision Brea, a long range planning process that id designed by Council to be of the people, for the people and by the people. Applications for the Core Committee to facilitate and oversee the project closed last week but the larger Envision Committee is still taking applications.

      Interested? Here’s the application: Envision Brea Application

  2. Rick, do you know if Envision Brea will include people who work/have worked in Brea? We have ideas also!

    • Zhani…
      I believe there is a category for folks who work in Brea but don’t live here. They have a FAQ document Envision FAQ but it isn’t clear. You can also call the Planning Department at (714) 990-7674.

  3. Hi Rick,

    I don’t see a spot on the City of Brea website to address the environment. Can you help make that happen?

    Parks and Recs should also include a request for input for trail connectivity from Brea to Chino Hills as part of an environmental study… before it’s too late!

    • Duane… On the Brea home page there is a link to the Green Life, Green Brea programs but they’re little more than a remnant of Schweitzer’s mayoral theme – a weak attempt at greenwashing. This is one the many reasons why I’m advocating for an Environmental Advisory Board.

      I can’t make it happen… not alone. It’s going to take a good many Breans contacting Council with their thoughts on the matter too. Parks & Rec could ask Council to look into another environmental study… but on what? Before it’s too late for what? Grant money?

      The city has deluded themselves for too long now that grant money is like free money. It isn’t. That black hole in your wallet, in my wallet… that’s where grant money comes from.

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