A Public Response.

Well, it’s time I offered a public response to the folks wondering if I’d been run out of town by our new bloviating blogger. Hardly. His vacuous attempts to wade in on issues without the benefit of a single provable fact have only served to boost readership of Brea Matters.

wading-inYes, there are numerous topics that are high on my interest list… and most involve spending serious coin, setting precedents that may prove harmful in the future, will create greater traffic hassles than we now endure or barely give lip service to the promises of greater transparency and engagement.

Simply put, I have refrained from wading in for good reason. Having been appointed to the Planning Commission I must weigh each issue based upon whether it, or some aspect of it, might find it’s way onto the Commission’s agenda.

My job as a Commissioner is to review and understand every item with an open mind, my opinions set aside in favor of case-by-case judgments made without bias.

Thankfully, I am working with four other Commissioners and a professional staff having deep histories and broad experience in public planning and an excellent grasp of the laws, regulations, ordinances, guidelines and standards that apply.

What about Citizen Clark?

roy-mooreI am taking a page from Roy Moore’s playbook. For sixteen years he successfully chronicled every issue, large or small, in his bi-monthly newsletter BreaNet.

When issues heated up he solicited opinion from the friends and neighbors he faithfully served. He trusted the public and they trusted him.

When issues were formally discussed, BreaNet filled in the gaps in action minutes giving us the details we needed to better understand what was happening down at city hall.

And when the votes were cast, Roy Moore provided a clear analysis of the final results.

What better mentor than Roy Moore?

Roy MooreI can think of none.

I shared my draft of this post with Roy this afternoon. He was kind enough to put down the Sunday paper and share his thoughts on how I will best serve Brea with this blog.

I’m doubly encouraged that he’s considering guest blogging here as a way of continuing his service to Brea. I’m eager to hear his stand on matters like unfunded pension liabilities, proper use of the 560 Fund and whether Brea ought to be paying some outsiders $180 thousand bucks to tell us how to plan for the next decade or two.

I have no doubt Roy will keep a close eye on me and will be quick to take me to task should I need it. So… that’s it for today.

And make no mistake, “I’ll be back.”


9 thoughts on “A Public Response.

  1. Welcome back, Rick!
    What a great idea to invite our esteemed former mayor, Roy Moore, to be a guest blogger. Blog on–both of you!

    • Terri… Thanks! Better late than never, right. And yes, Roy’s insights will certainly help broaden Brea Matters perspective on issues.

    • Well personally, I wouldn’t mind it if Roy Moore went a little more “cowboy” style blogging now that he’s not a councilman. 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about the other guy. I saw him at council, took the bait and visited his blog. NEVERMIND. It reads like an opinion piece in the Village Voice. He appears to be starving for attention. He should stick to his Homeowners Association Meetings!

    Good luck on the Planning Commission!

    • Paul… Love your analogy! Thanks for your support and hope to see you here again often.

  3. A couple of things –

    If “the other guy” is The Brean – he simply found what he believes is another audience for his drivel (followed him during his multiple postings about Fullerton).

    On a more serious note – it will be interesting to see the outcome of the dispute between the VFW Post and the VOC. Based on what has been publicly posted, it does not look good for the VOC.

    • Zhani… there seems to be a nearly universal rejection of, as you put it, the drivel spewing forth from The Brean. The wannabe blog’s obviously biased attempt at reporting on the veteran’s donations matter is skewed beyond any acceptable journalistic standards.

      As I understand it, Councilman Vargas was not guilty of anything more complicated or egregious than simple human error. As Chairman of the Board, Vargas guided the North Orange County Veteran’s Club (NOCVC) to make full and complete restoration via the Manufacturer’s Bank.

      The VFW Post 5384 received timely notice of the action taken by the NOCVC and could have easily had the funds deposited into their account weeks ago. Why their Commander, Gary Colletti, chooses to continue stirring the political pot rather than making a simple bank deposit is a question best posed to him.

      The Veteran’s Club facility is home to four veteran’s organizations. Any time I have been in their facility I’ve witnessed camaraderie and a strong esprit de corps.

      I would guess this is more a conflict of personalities than a dispute between Brea’s veteran’s organizations.

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