6 thoughts on “Reorganization – Brea 2014

  1. Is “there” a “Like” button for this? 🙂 Congratulations Marty Simonoff!

    • Stephen… every time you add your thoughts here it is a “Like” of sorts and I appreciate it very much. Congrats too to Steve Vargas, Cecilia Hupp and Glenn Parker.

  2. Rick, great recap. I was pleased with the debate and its’ outcome. However, I am more encouraged by the fact that so much debate was held in plain view of the constituents.

    In years past, this debate would have been held in back rooms filled with personal agendas and spite. I am hopeful that more discussions are held in Council chambers allowing us to see just how we are being represented… that’s been missing for too long a time.

    • Kevin… Thanks. Like you and many others, I am encouraged by the intelligence of Brea’s voters and the renewed spirit of partnership I witnessed Tuesday night.

      I would be remiss not to acknowledge the role Christine Marick played in Council’s reaching a 5:0 conclusion. If she was feeling any personal conflicts, she obviously set them aside for the good of all concerned and she deserves to be commended.

  3. I am sure everyone, with common sense, is happy with the 2014 Brea election results. Now it seems its time for the “losers” to cry over spilled milk.

    A new blog (I wont advertise the name) popped up, claiming to be for Brea. It stinks of 2010 Brea politics and the group of John Koos, Cynthia Ward and Brett Murdock.

    The most recent blog post, on that other blog, reads more like a bad article in the National Inquirer and is penned by Greg Diamond. People should consider the source. I found a few interesting items on Greg Diamond with a simple Google search.

    He desires to be in politics as an elected official. A quick look at any of these articles shows how badly both conservatives and liberals feel about him.




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