6 thoughts on “Silence Is Golden Mr. Murdock.

  1. Rick,

    One would think that Mr. Murdoch would keep his mouth shut. Does he ever make sense? What an embarrassment to Brea!

    • Stephen… I wouldn’t be too harsh on yourself. You’re actually in pretty good company. Many of those who bought into Murdock’s campaign promises and have seen him address none of them are rethinking their support.

      His taking a paid vacation to Korea and Japan with Schweitzer and O’Donnell at taxpayer expense plus the recent sanctioning and fine by the Fair Political Practices Committee (FPPC) provide a pretty good yardstick to measure his character.

      Following Brea Matters, hopefully, only encouraged you to take a closer look at the issues effecting you, your family and neighbors and your community… that you’re making more informed decisions now.

  2. It would be interesting to see how unprofitable the street-sweeping enforcement effort is as well, once indirect costs are accounted for as well as pension and benefits of the officers and gas and maintenance of the vehicles!

    As for the actual $ brought it, we know it is not the one-point-whatever MILLION that was promised when the Council voted on it, but how much is it after one subtracts out the repealed tickets, the unpaid tickets, the share that goes to the ticket processing, etc.

    I’m sure there would be many layers of obfuscation to work through to dig up the numbers, but the Brea taxpayers have a right to know how much this is costing them (in actual dollars, not just weekly headaches!).

    • Laurie… “layers of obfuscation” – well put.

      Murdock, and O’Donnell every time he asks for another raise and bonus, continually suggest that Brea is run like a business and that running a business is very hard work. Imagine how much harder it would be if all the work was being done.

      These sketchy municipal accounting practices would never fly in the real world. The only reason this “business” is still in business is that it continually finds ways to increase revenues without actually having to produce a legitimate profit. Street-sweeping enforcement, community facilities districts (CFD) that never end and illegal tiered water rates are examples recently being discussed.

      We do have a right to know. As soon as more people demand the truth, all of it, the better off we’re likely to be.

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