From Koreagate To Surrogate.

At the encouragement of many, and the insistence of some, I’m compelled to dig deeper into this surrogate issue I’ve raised.

My position is that some candidates for council have been hand selected by a small number of former and current local elected officials and are being groomed to carry on the interests and opinions of these political factions.

These successors, substitutes, I prefer to call them surrogates, are part of campaign strategies designed to either preserve or overturn the current balance of power. I’m not going to stop now and name names. Most Brea Matters readers are already quite aware of who the players are.

Operation Clean Sweep

cleansweepCouncil member Moore’s suggestion is that the dysfunction infecting City Council can only be eliminated by voting a clean sweep, disallowing all incumbents from being reelected. I agree completely, but carry the suggestion one step further. If all that occurs is to change the faces without changing the dynamics, what will have been accomplished?

Nothing. The dysfunction remains.

The shift in power from one faction to another is not an acceptable objective. Operation Clean Sweep must shift the power back into the hands of the people. Elected officials need to learn that they are in the position they are to do the people’s bidding, not to carry out some myopic self-centered egotistical personal agenda.

The Puppet Masters.

PinocchioOne thing I will say about these puppet masters and their surrogates is that they do have considered opinions. They have invested their time and energy to study the community, to visualize ways to make Brea better.

Well so have I, a great deal more time and energy than some who think they belong in public office, and we disagree.

My dog in this fight.

HoundListen, my opinion on any given issue is but one voice amongst thousands. I am comfortable living with the majority rule. If most people want to paint a major intersection turquoise… fine.

I’ve been labeled a policy wonk, and rightfully so. I am far more concerned about the decision making process than I am about the final decision.

Well, Koreagate, Free Speech and Fracking aside.

There is no wiggle room there for me. Schweitzer, Murdock and O’Donnell need to pay back the misappropriated funds, Council and staff need to stop impeding the people’s ability to make their opinions known and they all need to wake up to the reality of what’s really happening right in our fracking back yard.

“Hearing the oil and gas interests say they don’t know about the serious health implications of fracking next to homes, schools, and hospitals is like hearing the piano player at the cathouse saying he doesn’t know what’s going on upstairs.” – Nick Passanante, Coloradoans for Safe and Clean Energy.

If it looks like a duck…

Rubber duckWalks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, dammit. Quit pretending it’s a bald eagle. The surrogates can whine and moan and call me unfair all they want.

We need to start seeing them on the campaign trail without their handlers lurking in the shadows. We need to hear something besides another chorus of Brea the Beautiful.

Until these surrogates have that break-away moment, pulling free of the petty little political factions that recruited them, launched and financed their campaigns… their status remains pretty clear.

Make up your own mind.

checksStart looking into this for yourself now, before your voter’s pamphlet and absentee ballot have been sitting on the kitchen table for weeks. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Find a candidate or two you can put your trust into, put their yard signs out in plain view. Give them ten bucks and wish them well.

When their opposition floods your mailbox with the inevitable mudslinging, backstabbing lies and innuendos… they call them hit pieces, recognize them for what they are and toss them in the trash where they belong.

But whatever you do, don’t start marking your ballot having no idea who the candidates really are, what they really stand for and where their allegiances lie.

Do your part and Operation Clean Sweep will begin building a better Brea.


6 thoughts on “From Koreagate To Surrogate.

  1. Perhaps a list of the candidates? I know that Steve Vargas and Glenn Parker filed and have heard others filed as well. On a related subject, isn’t it high time Tim O’Donnell and Jim Markman retired? Or do they have income issues requiring them to work when they could retire?

    • Boadicea… Welcome back. Steve Vargas, Cecilia Hupp, Glenn Parker, Michael Kimm, Marc Harris and Brett Murdock is the final list of candidates. I’ll let their campaigns gain a little more momentum before I start wading in with opinions.

      I’ll leave the rhetorical questions to stand on their own merit.

  2. I would really like to see candidates that change the “old guard” paradigm.

    Tim O’Donnell is not supposed to be a mentor to newly elected city council members, he is supposed to be accountable to the city council. The city council is supposed to legislate in the best interest of Brea residents, because they too are Brea residents. They are our neighbors.

    Roy Moore will be missed, not because he was a perfect city councilman, but because he is our neighbor. Sadly, Murdock doesn’t “get it”.

    • Stephen… Missed you around here! Yeah, elements of the old guard continue to try to pull the strings and the time for change is long overdue.

      O’Donnell pretty marches to his own drum and none other. Rumors are that he’s created a two year exit plan. Out of sight, out of mind, though we’ll be paying his monstrous retirement for years to come.

      Roy is counting down, seven Council meetings left. He will be missed by many. Holding the Pool Boy to a single miserable ineffective term will be the highlight of 2014!

  3. Three seats, six candidates. Should be easy but it isn’t. I love Roy Moore and wish he had another term in him. His recent comments about Council and Operation Clean Sweep makes great sense.

    No incumbents, we’re down to five. No surrogates, if I read you right, and we’re down to one. Steve Vargas. I listened to him chatting with a small group at Brea Fest and he’s a sharp guy with good ideas. As it did for many of us, the military has done him a world of good.

    We can’t fill three seats with one candidate. Will you go out on a limb and tell me who you think might rise to the occasion and earn my other votes?

    • Robert… Whew, you cut right to the chase don’t you! I’ll try to be just as direct. Yeah, I wish Roy was sticking around and I’m obviously a fan of Operation Clean Sweep.

      I can’t fault your math or logic. Whether it’s his military service or simply growing older, Steve Vargas has come of age. He likely is the man of the hour. Those still stuck in 2002 need to consider how much they’ve matured in 12 years.

      Going out on a limb is a precarious place to be, especially in politics which is as fickle as anything. I’ll give you two suggestions.

      Look carefully at Cecilia Hupp and just cast two votes. Anything you do with the third vote will diminish their chances to be elected and will only benefit the Pool Boy.

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