The Old Guard Comes Out.

Well, they’re out of the closet at last, I’ll give ’em that. The Old Guard, with their perpetual need to feed their egos, just couldn’t continue to lurk in the shadows – doing their dirty work under the cover of darkness.

They’ve turned to social media, Facebook, to get the kudos they believe they deserve. Let me strip away all the titles, the pomp and circumstance, from the names they published to make reading them a little easier.

Lynn Daucher, Glenn Parker, John Beauman, Bill Lentini, Bev Perry, Wayne Wedin, Rex Gaede, Kevin Hobby, Bill Hall, Pat Fox, John Koos, Bill McMillan, Kevin Bush and Bill Higgins.

I still have a lot of respect for a couple of these folks and hold them in high regard. I respect their opinions but am in total disagreement with them on Measures T and U. I am saddened to see that the less reputable members of this pack have pulled the wool over their eyes to the extent that they would unwittingly (I hope) put their names on a campaign of slander, lies and half truths.

Fourteen would be somebodies who believe they know what’s better for Brea than the other 39,986 of us who live here too. Anyone else want to bet there are a couple of other council members and even city staff still afraid to put their names on this list as well (Schweitzer, Garcia and Murdock… O’Donnell… Markman – come out, come out wherever you are)?

14 names, only 9 Facebook “Likes.” What does this say about group loyalty?

Here’s their mission statement, “We have all love living here in Brea [Yup… too arrogant to proofread.], and while we might not always agree on everything that happens in the city or with the decisions of our elected officials [Uh… wouldn’t that be you?], we DO AGREE that these two measures will hurt our city and unnecessarily cost taxpayers money.

Okay, those last two points are absurd, just flat lies. I am so disappointed in the absolute absence of authenticity in every message the Old Guard puts out.

This includes twisting of facts to suit their self-serving agenda and the relentless character assassination against one person with a litany of lies that were disproven long ago. Their “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” position on Measures T and U is rooted in their fantasy that Brea is just perfect the way it is. Sure… for them maybe and their little circle of political cronies.

The rest of us recognize how Measures T and U open the door to long needed and easily affordable changes — accountability and open governance.

Finally, the Old Guard will no longer have the luxury of mudslinging their unqualified, handpicked candidates into office, conducting city business behind closed doors or funding their expensive pet projects with little concern that “we the people” might stand up for ourselves and just say no to them once and for all.

Vote YES on Measures T and U!