A Disturbance In The Farce.

While discussing the current state of affairs in Brea’s 2012 election this morning with several senior members of the community, the subject of council member Garcia’s seemingly AWOL status came up.

From his excessively vocal and barely understandable persona when first taking office, Mr. Garcia’s current style of remaining mute while playing Angry Birds on his iPad has been like a breath of fresh air.

Consensus this morning, however, was that in order to shore up the weakened voting block (Schweitzer, Garcia and Murdock), Mr. Garcia is likely quite active behind the scenes.

Tacked onto the Chamber’s Candidate’s Forum, will be a debate between MPT Murdock and Glenn Vodhanel on the two ballot measures, The Brea Accountability Act (T) and The Open Governance Act (U). Since Mr. Murdock first tossed out the challenge to Mr. Vodhanel well over a year ago to debate “anything at any time” the MPT has used every trick in the book to avoid fulfilling his challenge.

Well Mr. Murdock, you can run but you cannot hide. Your day of reckoning is at hand.

Back to the AWOL Mr. Garcia… is it possible that he’s taken the padewan pool boy under his withered wings, instructing him in the ways of the force?

Will we see a Jedi performance out of Mr. Murdock during the debate?

I doubt it, and the smart money will be on Mr. Vodhanel. The passing of Measures T and U is long overdue. All one has to do is observe the old guard at work to know that it’s time to reboot city government.

Don’t be fooled by the Old Guard again.

Two years ago the Old Guard targeted a character assassination plot against Ric Clough which disturbed the force in Brea enough to let the pool boy slip in the back door. Don’t let it happen again.

When the inevitable “hit pieces” show up in your mailbox or email, whether it’s an Old Guard attack against a reputable candidate or their attempt to cloud the credibility of Measures T and U with unfounded, unsupportable claims, do the smart thing.

Toss them in the trash or click the delete button.

A new election cycle is upon us.

By end of the day tomorrow all those truly intending to run for office will have filed their papers with the City Clerk, paid whatever fees and deposits are required and the race is off and running.

Soon, as well, the Registrar of Voters will give some permanent designation to the initiatives on the ballot – currently known as : The Brea Open Governance Act and The Brea Accountability Act.

If 2010 was any example of the “rough and tumble politics” we can expect this year, it’s going to get heated and probably pretty ugly. A number of special interests, i.e. little Brea cliques with selfish personal agendas and an unquenchable need to be a big fish in a small pond, are bound to wade in to support their candidate or issue du jour.

Everyone is tall enough for this ride.

I’m going to do my best to dig into the issues, fact check the claims and allegations, ferret out who’s really behind what and why.

Basically, I’m going to give you the other side of every story. It’s up to you to take from it what you wish and to cast a ballot in support of what you believe to be the truth and the best option for a Brea that fits your vision, that meets your expectations.

You are registered to vote, aren’t you?