Brea PD Update – Final Edition

A little Yorba Linda history.

They (Schwing, Anderson and Rikel) blindsided fellow Yorba Linda council members and their city manager, and fired Brea.

apples-oranges_150They solicited bids. Their RFP couldn’t describe the lemon they wanted, so they got handed apples and oranges instead. They crunched numbers. They argued for months, strung out between political issues and personal agendas.

The people waded in, as did the unions and other special interest groups. It got nasty… really nasty.

Finally, on April 24th, after months of bickering and infighting, hours of heated public comment… sometime just before dawn, they came to a conclusion. The law enforcement contract that had been with Brea for 42 years would be given to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

And, exhausted, everyone went home.

Mayor Lindsey reopens the can of worms.

YL_councilUnsatisfied that the right decision was made the first time and tempted by the possibility that a few more bucks might be saved, Yorba linda’s new Mayor reopened the can of worms and the whole ugly process started over.

Deja vu all over again.

In addition to revisiting the apples and oranges problem, they wrestled with the differences between what was legal and what was ethical. One big issue, OCSD’s alleged premature conscription of over 20 Brea cops, severely crippling the agency they were to replace.

Another issue, law suits.

Speculation, in both Yorba Linda and Brea ran rampant. Truth be told, no one really knew where a suit might emerge, against whom, for what and what the damages sought might be (Brea’s final offer from very lame duck Mayor Schweitzer promised to cover all of Yorba Linda’s damages from any suit by the county should they choose to reinstate Brea’s contract).

Finally… another final decision.

YL_vote12/4 – Once again the people were heard, the hour got late, the meeting adjourned without conclusion and was reconvened last night, 12/18. More blah, blah, blah and yadda, yadda, yadda.

At last cooler heads prevailed and Yorba Linda decided the divorce was final, O’Donnell limped away, beaten at his own game again.

Where do we go from here?

Clearly Yorba Linda is now fully Yorba Linda’s problem. Like I said, they made their bed, they can lie in it. My lingering concern, and the concern of most Breans, is how will Brea pick up the pieces and rebuild a police department around a new Brea only model?

The Chief responds.

BREA-YLI contacted Chief Conklin, expressing our concerns, to which he replied, “It is a bit early to comment on the status of the police department, however, following the April 24th decision by the Yorba Linda City Council to change providers my command staff, other city staff and I spent many long hours in meetings over several months and developed a plan for a new Brea “specific” Police Department. I’m confident it will not only maintain, but will enhance law enforcement service to the City of Brea.”

Some final key points.

  • The 28+ sworn officers leaving the department in recent months have no impact on building the “Brea Only” department. They worked in Yorba Linda. Other than those who’ve retired, the balance are either employed by the OCSD or another jurisdiction.
  • Detectives and motor officers pulling extra duty and being paid overtime will be a thing of the past the moment we hand the keys over to OCSD. That’s a savings of roughly $35K per pay period.
  • Brea’s “in town” force, for several years, hovered around 60 sworn officers. There are currently 62 sworn officers on duty. There are neither hirings or layoffs in the future for Brea PD. Brea is fully staffed and without vacancies.
  • There is bound to be some increase in the police budget post the Yorba Linda contract, but the full extent is still uncertain.  The hope would be that whatever incremental cost increase the “new” Brea PD requires it will be within the realm of affordability, allowing Brea to live within it’s means..
  • Brea, Fullerton, La Habra, and Buena Park are studying the possibilities of regionalization. The study is examining everything from a full consolidation to simply the sharing of specific police services. The city of Placentia is also involved, but their interest is limited to studying the creation of a regional dispatch/communication center.

What’s the bottom line?

Brea will get past this. The police department will emerge from the fracas with Yorba Linda virtually unscathed and Breans can sleep well at night. The city may have to do a little belt tightening to make things work, but this isn’t turning out to be the fiscal catastrophe of Mayan proportions many thought would occur.

And the city manager will need to do a lot of soul searching if he wants to hang on to the plum position he now enjoys. It won’t take too many more episodes like the OCFA and OCSD affairs, the tax payor funded vacation to South Korea and Japan with Schweitzer and Murdock or his ostensible disregard for sound business practices before rising public outcry will be asking Council to seek other options besides the continued reign of Tim O’Donnell.

(May 19, 2013) – With public interest and discussions ramping up on budget issues, notably Brea’s unfunded pension liabilities and appropriate disposition of the 560 fund, there is a growing case for taking a hard look at what happened here.  Is the loss of the Yorba Linda contract symptomatic of the fiscal mismanagement that leads to terminations?  A pattern of arrogant and presumptive behavior, not beneficial to the community at all, would be grounds for termination as far as I’m concerned.


Yorba Linda again talks about who will handle policing.

Yellow Tape“YORBA LINDA (12/06) – Just hours after other City Council members unanimously appointed him mayor, Tom Lindsey put a proposal before them: Should the city seek a new proposal for police services from Brea, the city that has held the contract for the past 42 years?”

In an OC Register article dated 12/6, staff writer Michael Mello does a good job of giving a balanced accounting of Yorba Linda’s last council meeting. To get a real sense of the “drama” read the comments. All the usual suspects are already hard at work spreading their lies, half truths and purposely misguiding “facts.”

Here are the basic facts as I understand them.

  • 21 officers chose to leave Brea for positions at the OC Sheriff’s department. What precipitated this unprecedented exodus?
  • 10 officers chose to leave Brea to accept positions with other jurisdictions. Are conditions here so bad that these officers would scurry off a sinking ship?
  • 4 officers chose to retire in order to open up ongoing employment opportunities for younger officers. A magnanimous gesture to be sure, but we’ve lost their years of experience.
  • Brea is paying $35,000/week in overtime to officers in order to cover contract requirements with Yorba Linda. How much longer should we allow this excessive burden on our general fund to continue?
  • An unknown number of retired officers, in order to “refill the ranks,” have been brought out of retirement and are now on part time duty with Brea. How effective are these officers?
  • An unknown number of detectives have been put back into uniform and into patrol cars. Who is handling their investigations?
  • An unknown number of motorcycle officers have been put back into patrol cars. How is this effecting traffic enforcement?
  • There is zero chance that Yorba Linda would ever reverse the course it’s on and come crawling back to Brea. Consider the facts and think about the nature of contract law, what is the incentive to do so?
  • Brea needs to quickly put together whatever plan we can to bring our Police Department back up to full strength. How safe do you really think Brea is with our law enforcement operating at such a substandard level? How much longer are you willing to be underserved?

And Markman wants to sue the county?

Brea has no business turning an obscure statute with little or no history of litigious success to sue the OC Supervisors/Sheriff. The likelihood that Brea will prevail is too close to zero to believe there is a chance.

Rule #1 of triage… stop the bleeding.

Brea would be best served by cutting all ties with Yorba Linda immediately.

Send YL City Manager Rudometkin a letter informing him that the City of Brea will cease all law enforcement activities in Yorba Linda effective midnight December 31, 2012.

Remind him that the OC Sheriff has already picked up the officers needed to take over coverage!

Is this a tempest in a teapot?

We’re over a year past the point where we had any hope of influencing the Yorba Linda Council’s decision or convincing them that Brea hadn’t been grossly overcharging them for the law enforcement services they received.

Let the people decide!

In a closed door study session, the Brea City Council has discussed this situation at length. I think it’s about time they brought this out into the light and gave Brea citizen’s an opportunity to wade in on the matter.

This is what Measure U was all about… remember? Don’t you wish you’d passed it now?