Old Guard On The Attack.

Seems like “Former Mayor/Councilman” John Beauman, the perennial front man for Brea’s old guard, like the proverbial groundhog, has  emerged from his burrow, fired up his old blog and set his email on stun.

On behalf of all those cowardly old guard members who prefer to hide in the shadows, Punxsutawney John has embarked upon a campaign of misinformation in an attempt to block the passage of Measure T, the Brea Accountability Act and Measure U, the Brea Open Governance Act.

He’s using his well honed brand of  political deception to mix his stance against the initiatives, his objections to the election law violation law suit and his dogged promotion of Christine Marick as the panacea for all that ails Brea. This informational chaos confuses the issues and confuses the voters. The tactic makes it more difficult for the average voter to fact check his assertions and allegations.

Lets Divide Things Up Into Bite-sized Chunks.

The lawsuit was about election law violations, nothing more… nothing less. As City Attorney Markman so clearly put it, when asked by MPT Murdock if the suit was frivolous, there “were triable components to the action.”

If it had been frivolous, the court would have tossed it out at the start.

The city received correspondence, long before litigation was even considered, clearly pointing out the violation of election law. Had the city acknowledged their error and merely complied with the law, there would have been no suit and no $50,000+ in legal fees.

The initiative process began almost two years ago. Enough Brea voters felt the initiatives deserved to go on the ballot that they signed petitions to that effect. Over 6,000 I believe was what was turned in.

Yet Punxsutawney John, the old guard and opponents of the initiatives continue to suggest this is the work of a single disgruntled contractor. Bull sugar.

And riding on the crest of what they believe is the rising tide of public opinion being swayed in their direction, they’re pushing Christine Marick like she is the second coming. Well, getting her elected guarantees that the old guard will continue to have their voting block on Council… at least that seems to be what their actions would suggest.

Don’t Be Fooled By Punxsutawney John.

Some of what is contained in the initiatives may have been partially implemented by the city since the two measures were approved to go on the ballot. Some of what is contained in the initiatives may face challenge once voters approve the measures. The severabity clauses ensure that nothing overturned negates the balance of the measures.

  • Anyone observing how citizens have been denigrated, time and time again, as they tried to address Council,
  • Anyone who has struggled with a public information request,
  • Anyone frustrated that so much city business is conducted during the afternoon study session when most folks are at work,
  • Anyone who believes that senior staff, especially the City Manager who makes substantially more than the Governor of California, need to have salaries adjusted to more reasonable levels,
  • Anyone who believes that city governance should be open and conducted in the public eye,
  • Anyone who believes that those elected or employed to carry out the community’s business should rightfully be held accountable for their actions,

will know how important it is that “we the people” pass these initiatives.

Think Of It This Way.

We’re not trying to rebuild government from the ground up or fixing something that isn’t clearly broken. For those of you who have wrestled with a buggy PC, think of this as a reboot. Let’s send a clear message to city hall that we know what you’ve been up to and we’re tired of it.

It’s time to jumpstart Brea’s city government and to tell Punxsutawney John to crawl back into his burrow and stay there.