Operation Clean Sweep.

roy_hatIn Roy Moore’s Brea Net 690, he boldly pushed the Council’s dysfunction into the light, saying, “I am disheartened by this situation and reluctantly come to the conclusion that the solution is to not vote for any incumbents… I would call this Operation Clean Sweep.”

I promised to run with his idea and created three simple pieces of art to make yard signs, a staple of the Brea Silly Season. Now I’m passing the idea on to you, Brea voters, and invite you to put your money where your mouth is.

NoBrettThese yard signs can be made one-at-a-time, at very reasonable prices. I’ve given the art to Anthony Bastiery at Hi Sign, located at 2700 East Imperial Hwy., Suite K – just east of Kramer on the south side of the street. Give Anthony a call at (714) 993-0912 for pricing.

cleansweepJoin Operation Clean Sweep!

I’ve long said that a strong city needs a strong Council, one that works well together and keeps the people’s interest ahead of their own. We need a Council that will rise above petty personal issues and shortsighted biases… and the only way to get such a Council is to sweep City Hall clean.

The rallying cry of Operation Clean Sweep is, “No incumbents in 2014!” Find three candidates ready, willing and able to represent you properly and give them the opportunity they deserve.