Dances With Dummies.

Brea taxpayers are footing the bill for another foreign junket by “I’ve got less than 3 months in office left” Mayor Schweitzer and his BFF the city manager, Tim O’Donnell. This time they’re dragging the “pool boy” Mayor Pro Tem Murdock, with them… maybe to carry their bags or something (still unsure what he’s really skilled to do).

With a hop, skip and a jump, off to Korea and Japan they go, from one folkloric extravaganza to the next, sharing Brea culture and all on the public dime.

In numbers measurably greater than the sprinkling of comments I get here, I always get an influx of email following each new post. To my surprise, such was also the case Wednesday, triggered by the comedy of errors that was Brea’s council meeting the night prior. Here’s one that I felt deserved to be shared.

Dear Brea Matters:

I have no issue with using modest travel budgets to meet with local cities such as Yorba Linda. Maybe, if time had been spent listening to and addressing their concerns, Brea might still be providing police services to them instead of having to do damage control to keep good officers and maintain preferred service levels.

If you watched the Council meeting last night (09/18), you witnessed staff attempt to justify their luxury life style and self-indulgent behavior by citing the prestige it brings to our great community.

Most of the residents I’ve talked to about this were appalled at how out of touch four adult men (O’Donnell, Garcia, Schweitzer and Murdock) could possibly be, attempting to rationalize their international junkets to observe folk dancing.

Will Tim O’Donnell be demonstrating the “Tim O’Shuffle” or Brett Murdock the “Highland Fling?” Perhaps they should invite Jim Markman along to do the “Hustle” as he is likely the best dancer we have. While they’re at it, why not also invite that everpresent Baptist minister to go as their own large cheering section?

Call me uncultured, but I just don’t see a nexus between maintaining Brea as a great place to “live, work and yadda yadda yadda” and attending folk dance competitions half way around world, subsidized by tax payer dollars.

The Mayor and City Manager also went to Denmark last year… which goes to show you that something’s rotten in Brea. In November, we need to put an end to the dance moves by electing those who refuse to stand for that sort of behavior.


Ms. Remains Anonymous