Thank you Mr. Mayor!

When I pointed out the shortcomings of Mr. Schweitzer’s “Make A Difference” green website, I expected he might respond. My hope was that he would do something about that waste of cyber real estate and make a difference himself. But no, that would be hoping for too much it seems.

Still whining after all these years.

mayor_mug_01Never one to take criticism well, dropping off a nasty note and a tongue-in-cheek “gift” at the downtown Starbucks last night was apparently more Don Schweitzer’s style.

I think his inability to accept any opinion other than his own is at the heart of why his time on Council has been such a lackluster affair. That and his long running bromance with the City Manager, Tim O’Donnell.

mayor_mug_02Here’s what our illustrious Mayor had to say, “Rick – I heard you really wanted one of my mugs. I didn’t make any for this theme, but thought I would just for you. Enjoy it. I hope the coffee helps wash down some of your bitterness!! ~ Mayor Don Schweitzer”

Bitterness? Bitter disappointment would be much more like it, Mr. Schweitzer.

I predicted a couple of months ago that Mr. Schweitzer would duck seeking a third term, not wanting to end the family legacy with a resounding loss. Good bye and good luck.

What does the future hold?

I’ll go out on a limb here and make an educated guess. I’ll wager Mr. Schweitzer attempts to reinfect the Brea Historical Society, squeezing himself back into some sort of prominence and control, so he can micromanage Brea’s Centennial celebrations.

I’m hoping the Society’s board keeps a wary eye out for the intrusion and stops it cold in it’s tracks. We don’t need another big start little finish project under Mr. Schweitzer’s not-so-green thumb. Where Don goes, nothing grows.

Move on Don. Don’t be lured into dancing around the edges of the local political scene, like several of your cronies. And have the decency to stay out of the nasty, rough and tumble mud slinging we’re expecting over the next few months.

Pick a candidate. Extend an endorsement. Make a contribution. Forget about taking cheap shots with your buddies by mailing out those “hit pieces” for which you’re all so well known. Sit back for a change and let nature take it’s course.

I trust the collective intelligence of the Brea voters far more than the personal opinions of you and your little clique of ex-somethings.

Editorial Update – 01/14/13:

DonS_150As I guessed, Hizonner Schweitzer opted not to run again and his canonization extolled the “green-ness” of his tenure in office. Again, baloney! I should do a CPRA request on his silly One Ton Challenge and expose the sham that it was as well.

It isn’t easy being green.

Back in mid-December, during the coronation ceremonies for the newly, if not duly elected Mayor, Hizzonor Schweitzer excitedly announced the launch of his Mayor’s theme, “Making A Difference” and the new website he had designed “Green Brea 2012” (Link abandoned).

The home page boasted, “Welcome to the site for my Mayor’s theme this year. In Brea each new Mayor chooses a theme to highlight throughout his term.” The heart warming and oh so motivating text that followed has remained the only content on the site for seven months.

We were going to have events?

On the page labeled “Events” we saw only three listed, one of which wasn’t even really an event but some sort of carbon footprint calculator. Don’t waste your time clicking on it. The results are an endless loop of the same info and graphics, rehashed and no more informative than where you started.

The Links page provides a similarly unrewarding experience… a promise that we could check out the output from our new sole sourced solar arrays — via a live feed updated every 5 minutes. Sadly, we never even got an initial report, let alone a live feed. Hopefully, the panels will not become obsolete as quickly as the website did.

Comments? No. Contact? Also no.

Unlike most blogs, which invite two way dialog between the blogger and their followers, “Brea2012” failed to provide an opportunity for open conversation, the Contact page remains totally useless, the create a login function doesn’t function and the Search box must be purely a tease, it doesn’t function either.

I suppose that doesn’t matter since there is no real content on the entire site. How Beaumanesque.

The closing comments made are, “The site is totally funded by me. No city money or staff time will be involved. Richard Nixon once said, ‘What a strange creature man is that he fouls his own nest.’ Let’s do our part this year to stop fouling our own nest! Thank you for visiting.”

So there you have it, graphic proof of how one earns a reputation for being a strong starter and a non-finisher. Might have been a good idea to follow his own advice. I wonder how long before he calls his webmaster, assuming he still has one, to yank the embarrassment out of cyberspace?

Thankfully, this überfailure was not accomplished at city expense since the Mayor promised he was paying for it out of his own pocket. I guess, thanks to that pay cut and having to return the flex benefit bonus, he ran out of green.

It worked on mugs and t-shirts.

The Mayor’s theme wasn’t a complete bust, It probably looks really cool on the mugs and t-shirts that mayors pass out at community events. (I’ll bet the city did pay for those.)

While I can’t promise you, I’ll bet if you email the Mayor ( and let him know how much having one of his mugs would mean to you, he would drop one in the mail.

Besides,  they’re a great way to commemorate his final term in office and the end of the Schweitzer dynasty.

kool-aid_640POSTSCRIPT: 09/20/12 – In recent weeks there have been a flurry of faux-green announcements and proclamations feigning success at the greening of Brea.

The Climate Registry (a loose partnership between Edison and the Energy Coalition) tossed Brea a bone with their “Cool Planet” award and inadvertently disclosed that our massive solar expense is only returning a $320,000 a year savings… far from what was projected to retire the millions spent. At that rate it will take 50 years to pay it off. Any bets on how long the technology remains state-of-the-art?

And then there’s the Mayor’s “One Ton Challenge” encouraging residents to sign up and save 167 pounds of carbon emissions a month. Many of the suggestions as to how to accomplish this are laughable. This, and the “Green Life Green Brea” (make that blue skies) proposal from the City Manager are all part of this faux-green image that Brea is trying to project.

C’mon… you can do better than this!  I hope the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem and the City Manager find time to brainstorm this while on their taxpayer subsidized vacation to Korea and Japan.