The Evidence Is Mounting.

smoking_gun_aAs more and more details are becoming known regarding the taxpayer funded vacation taken to Anseong, South Korea and Hanno, Japan last year by Don Schweitzer, Brett Murdock and Tim O’Donnell it is apparent that we’ve been played for fools.

We want our money back!

odonnell_200I believe there are more than sufficient grounds to demand that Council compel Schweitzer, Murdock and O’Donnell to pay the city back the $3,000+ they each spent on the trip.

I also believe that O’Donnell should reclassify the time he has charged the city to “paid vacation” and thereby reduce the city’s liability for his accrued vacation pay by $8,500.

Complete details to follow.

Brea Matters is close to having all of the documentation a sensible person would require to come to the conclusions presented here.  A follow-up post will be added quite soon.