Punxsutawney John Caught Red Handed.

In a recent Brea Net (#629), Councilman Roy Moore’s newsletter, fed up with the misinformation and outright lying that has once again contaminated the political process here in Brea, Roy calls a spade a spade. Here’s what Roy had to say…

“Former city council member John Beauman chipped in his opinion on Measurers T and U.  In his September 26, 2012 blog he accused former city council member and current city council candidate Steve Vargas of  ‘… costing the City legal fees in the tens of thousands of dollars.’  He added, “After a lengthy and thorough legal investigation, no evidence was fold (Sp?) to substantiate his claims.

This statement is false.  I reported on this topic in my newsletters 160 and 161, dated July 17, 2002 and July 25, 2002 respectively.  Council member Vargas believed the City Council was breaking the Brown Act via email and requested copies of all emails between council members for the past year.  When informed that this action would be costly he agreed to three months of emails.  As pointed out in newsletter 161, ‘Prior to submittal a staff member of the law firm Richard, Watson and Gershon will review the emails.  The review will be done on the City’s retainer and will not incur additional cost.’  No law suit and no expenditure of tens of thousands of dollars.  Mr. Beauman should apologize to Mr. Vargas.”

Punxsutawney John Fires Back!

And here is how Punxsutawney John chose to do damage control, having been caught red-handed twisting the truth to fit his warped perspective of history.

He buried this in the middle of his hardly readable blog post hoping no one would notice.

“Councilman Roy Moore claimed the effort didn’t cost the City anything. Acutally, the hours spent in the effort were recorded and charged against the City’s legal retainer. So, the City was charged legal fees but they were applied against the City’s retainer with the City Attorney’s firm. Staff hours were expended on the effort, but were absorbed into the City’s payroll.”

You and O’Donnell can’t have your cake and eat it too, Punxsutawney John.

You can’t one day choose to bury expenses by ascribing them to overhead, calling them “soft costs” so it appears that you’re fiscally responsible (when you’re not), then choose to single out similar expenses characterizing them as an egregious waste of public funds.

Listen Punxsutawney John, if you’re going to cut-and-paste from some cover-your-butt worksheet one of your undercover cohorts has prepared for you, here’s a couple of suggestions.

First, run spellcheck and have someone with half a brain look over the grammar. I’ve read more compelling papers with far fewer mistakes from high school seniors.

Second, when you cut-and-paste from an incompatible document format into your blog or email, remember to remove the artifact “&apos” as most savvy folks recognize that as cyber-shorthand for Annoying Piece of Sh*t.

Time to man up Punxsutawney John, assuming you have the strength of character to carry it off.

Apologize to Mr. Vargas and Mr. Vodhanel… and then disappear at least until next Spring.