No More Waiting For The Kropke Files.

Finally, after almost 50 days and countless attempts to block or delay fulfilling my public record requests Council finally relented and sent me a link to a Dropbox with 110 files relating to the Kropke incidents with Brea PD.

Yes, tonight. 110 files. Audio files and their transcriptions, video files, officer’s reports, email communications. The whole enchilada.

Because my request for police files succeeded in getting them publicly released, they are all available to you too. Well, they will be tomorrow.

Click the “Transparency” link on the city website home page and you’ll find the link. You’re welcome.

The substantiation of every allegation leveled at Ms. Kropke is there. Enjoy.

Outsiders attack Brea PD and Staff.

Anyone watching last night’s (08/18) City Council meeting would have heard our city clerk read four nasty emails from Ms. Kropke’s out-of town buddies. Pretty much that same crew she enlisted in her attempt to attack the Fanning legacy.

Notably, the spin doctors were Luciano C. Gomez, MD, Richard W. Hughes, Monica Lucero and the less than honorable John Briscoe. Not satisfied with how our City Clerk read his lengthy email, Mr. Briscoe jumped up and spoke during Matters from the Audience as well. Hey John… you only get one bite at the apple.

Speaking from the podium were Jeff LeTourneau, Vice-Chair, DPOC North Orange County, Gina Clayton-Tarvin, President of the Ocean View School District Board of Trustees (the irrational screamer) and double dipping John Briscoe, also a member of the Ocean View Board as well.

I won’t try to paraphrase the total BS these Kropke acolytes spewed. You’re going to be visiting the city website anyway, watch Matters From The Audience again. The groundless nature of their comments will be readily apparent.

Manley to the rescue.

Thankfully Dwight Manley rose to the occasion, motivating Bev Perry to follow suit, and handily put these small minded intruders in their place.

They pretty much debunked every lie and exposed the attack for what it was, a last ditched attempt at damage control for a political campaign on the verge of going completely off the rails.

Now… go back and read the 50+ comments on the last blog and remember that feeling when you’re filling out your ballot for NOCCCD District 7.

The good news?

A new precedent has been set regarding Brea’s public and police records. No longer just a word in a political slogan, there is a new transparency in Brea.

Epilogue: 08/20/20 1:30 p.m.

The Kropke data dump is three clicks beyond “Transparency” – this link should take you to the city’s statement which includes a clickable link to the Dropbox archives.

The Obligatory Caveat.

When the City Manager confirmed the data dump link for me last night he also gave me a paraphrased version of the Public Information Brief (above). There wasn’t a hint at what the city has included in the last two paragraphs.

I believe the statement and link were delayed being posted this morning after they read my closing comment, “A new precedent has been set regarding Brea’s public and police records. No longer just a word in a political slogan, there is a new transparency in Brea.”

So, to cover their ass, they added this…

”The release of exempt records in this situation is not a precedent. In different circumstances, exempt records may be withheld to the extent permitted by law.”

Mr. Gallardo, Mr, Boga and anyone else complicit in trying to continue withholding the truth from an information hungry public… screw you.

19 thoughts on “No More Waiting For The Kropke Files.

  1. Amazing work, Rick. Thank you for your relentless pursuit of this matter. Your contributions are immeasurable to the community and to the good name of the Brea PD.

  2. The citizens of Brea may not know it, but you are a hero. Thank for putting in the time and work to get this done.

    • Well Matt… hero might be stretching things a bit. When I see Brea voters casting more considered ballots for candidates that truly have the people’s best interest at heart… it will all have been worth it.

      • Edward… thank you, but I do find it awkward.

        You, of all people, should appreciate the epilogue added this afternoon.

  3. We have been waiting a long time for these files to be released. Thanks for taking the lead on this, Rick, and keeping the pressure on.

    I know this caused a few more hairs to fall off your head! I expect some interesting listening and reading. Maybe the link should be posted on Facebook, and sent to the Women in Leadership, Orange County, and the State Treasurer. Great job!!

    • John… don’t forget to send the link to the Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame!

    • Theresa… thanks. The folks around here deserve to get it. Enough of this sweeping everything under the rug.

  4. Rick, Great job with the excellent investigative reporting. She probably didn’t think those materials would ever be released and went on the offensive with more planted trouble making, culminating at the council meeting to try to gain back some credibility. Brea can certainly do much better without that obscene officious intermeddler.

  5. The citizens of Brea owe you a great debt. We need more people like you that are willing to be the watch dogs of this city. Thank you!

  6. Regarding the epilogue and the city attorney CYA statement; “If the Queen had balls… she’d be the King.”

    Translation… your record request was fully appropriate and the records released are compliant with the law. Period.

    The city saying that it sets no precedent is a passive aggressive way of saying “we reserve the right to not comply with the law in the future.“

    Well done Rick and well done Brea.

    • Dwight… I agree 100%! Through this action and other recent legal successes against the powers that be, there is a new day dawning in Brea. No longer will we accept “No” as the city’s first response to everything. The era of CYA is over.

      Brea voters will turn to a new generation of Council members who put the public first and their ego’s last. Council members with the courage of their convictions who will not perpetually refinance the city’s debt to create slush funds… who will actually create balanced budgets… who will replace our fifty plus year old city law firm with a more contemporary firm that will, in my humble opinion, provide better counsel and not view Brea as their cash cow.

  7. Well done Rick! Thank you for being a great defender for the citizens of Brea. It may make you blush, but you are a hero!

    • Leslee… I do really appreciate that, but I am driven to do what I do because I believe it will contribute to a better tomorrow for all of us.

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