A new election cycle is upon us.

By end of the day tomorrow all those truly intending to run for office will have filed their papers with the City Clerk, paid whatever fees and deposits are required and the race is off and running.

Soon, as well, the Registrar of Voters will give some permanent designation to the initiatives on the ballot – currently known as : The Brea Open Governance Act and The Brea Accountability Act.

If 2010 was any example of the “rough and tumble politics” we can expect this year, it’s going to get heated and probably pretty ugly. A number of special interests, i.e. little Brea cliques with selfish personal agendas and an unquenchable need to be a big fish in a small pond, are bound to wade in to support their candidate or issue du jour.

Everyone is tall enough for this ride.

I’m going to do my best to dig into the issues, fact check the claims and allegations, ferret out who’s really behind what and why.

Basically, I’m going to give you the other side of every story. It’s up to you to take from it what you wish and to cast a ballot in support of what you believe to be the truth and the best option for a Brea that fits your vision, that meets your expectations.

You are registered to vote, aren’t you?

4 thoughts on “A new election cycle is upon us.

  1. Thanks Rick. I am looking forward to reading your point of view on the 2012 election.

    I checked out the City of Brea website and saw that the filing period has been extended to August 15th because Don Schweitzer had yet to file. I am glad to see that Steve Vargas has filed again. I am willing to give him a serious listening this year. I did not vote for him in 2010 because of a statement he made that he was in favor of outsourcing our fire department to the OCFA.

    I still had very bitter memories from November 2008, and was not in favor of the OCFA taking over in Brea after the tragedies that occurred in Yorba Linda. I am still not in favor of outsourcing our fire department to the OCFA. That is one of the issues I think every candidate should justify their position very clearly on in this election.

    Another thing is the street sweeping ordinance. Even with the more specific street sweeping changes, this is still a poorly executed ordinance that unfairly penalizes Brea residents and anyone who unknowingly parks in a neighborhood on the wrong day at the wrong time.

    I look forward to meeting each of the candidates this year. If they don’t knock on my door, like like Roy Moore always has, they won’t even get considered for my vote. Thanks again for the update Rick.

    • Stephen… Thanks for checking in and adding your thoughts. With only three serious candidates running for Council, and only two having the experience and skills for the job… this will bring out the dirty rough and tumble crowd with their attack pacs. Let’s watch from a distance and counterattack when necessary, okay!

      • …and I forgot to mention a couple “minor” issues that I think need addressing from the 2012 candidates:

        1 – Brea’s Pension/Retiree Healthcare liabilities which was listed in the OC Register in the neighborhood of $120 million, and…

        2 – The $200 million in redevelopment bond debt that Brea had on the books when all RDAs were abolished by the state.

      • Stephen… I would hope we hear positions on both matters. The first, in the minds of many, is the more foreboding of the two.

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