Too little, too late? You decide.

Breaking today in an article by Terri Daxon in the OC Register, it would seem that public pressure has accomplished what conscience and common sense could not. Council members Schweitzer, Garcia and Murdock have, reluctantly I’ll bet,  joined Mayor Moore and Council member Marty Simonoff in rescinding that surprise windfall they inadvertently voted themselves a couple of months ago.

Of course, having done so individually and without taking any official action, the door has been left open to slip it back in whenever it suits them. Personally, I think they should all agree to put the matter on the agenda for a general session, so the public would have the opportunity to share their opinion, and take a serious look at Council compensation from the ground up.

Not just the small portion they’ve always talked about, but the thousands of health and “flex” benefit dollars received each year… and they need to clarify exactly what their retirement benefits are as well. I doubt if that will happen as it would lead to the discussion of whether part time jobs should produce retirement benefits at all.

After all the soundbites, what’s left?

Remove all the pre-election bickering and pandering, and this boils down to the simple issue of meeting their responsibilities managing our city’s budget and providing a decent array of public services… none the least of which is Fire protection and Law Enforcement.

As most of city funds come from sales tax revenue, and the lion’s share of that comes from folks who don’t live here (they just work, play and shop), it’s inaccurate to characterize this as a misuse of our taxes. It is still probably our greatest area of need when it comes to honesty, accuracy and accountability.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

This isn’t Oz and it shouldn’t be run like it is. The Wizard needs to keep his nose out of it and let Council stop acting like the Lollipop Guild and take the lead for once. Keep a very close eye on what happens at city hall in the coming months. I promise you it will likely have a profound effect on how you fill out your ballot next November.

You are registered to vote aren’t you?

22 thoughts on “Too little, too late? You decide.

  1. hahaha Lollipop Guild. Far too many local governments are run just like the Lollipop Guild, little posturing people talking tough and doing nothing but a little tap dance.

    • While sinfully overpaid city managers hide behind their curtains pulling little levers to their heart’s content. I’ve tried clicking my heals, it doesn’t work. It’s going to take a lot of folks getting the message, getting off the couch and into the voting booth.

    • There are those “in the ranks” for which I have nothing but the utmost respect, someone needs to keep the wheels of progress greased. Case in point, both the Curtis Theater and Brea’s Gallery, with all of the limitations typical of civically sponsored cultural arts offerings, compete well against private enterprise and have gained national recognition.

      On the other hand, there is far too much business conducted outside the public view and the residents of this community deserve better than that. I’m hoping to see both the salary limiting and sunshine initiatives pass next November. Both will send a strong message to city hall.

  2. Amazing (and sad) how many city officials use taxpayer monies as their own personal slush fund, voting themselves raises and “flex” time and awarding no-bid contracts. Glad you’re keeping an eye on things.

    • Sally, I can totally understand where you’re coming from. If those in public office carried out their responsibilities in a manner that truly sought to meet the real needs of their constituency, we might be able to rest a little easier. Trouble is, we can’t. It’s spiraling out of control at a pace and cost that isn’t sustainable.

    • Suki, all it takes is a little effort, a little interest and a willingness to put in a little volunteer time. The header was taken with my iP4 from the top of parking structure one and post processed in Snapseed. I knew you’d be a registered voter!

    • Great point Debbie, I need to make it clear that I love this town and I want to show it in it’s best light too as I work to knock off some of the rough edges. Thanks for your insight.

    • Thea, you’re spot on. It is rampant, and if you pay attention to world news, it’s not limited to the good ol’ USofA. As more and more folks realize what their apathy has spawned, perhaps we will enjoy seeing more folks out there doing something about it.

  3. Absent divine intervention at the next Council meeting, Don Schweitzer will ascend to the throne once again bypassing the true heir apparent, Marty Simonoff. This will be the second time the Wizard’s majority has snubbed the veteran council member. Adding insult to injury, we will see Brett Murdock dubbed the Clown Prince (MPT).

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