What Goes Around, Comes Around.

While heading to coffee this morning, an alert Brean gave me a heads-up on a new political sign that cropped up overnight.  I had to laugh, thinking how the “rough and tumble” politics of 2010 had come full circle.  Aren’t paybacks a b*tch.

No Connection To Brea Election.

Monika Koos is running for a trusteeship on the North Orange County Community College District.  Her campaign, other than to garner a few votes, has no nexus to either our race for Brea City Council or the ballot measures for accountability (Measure T) and open governance (Measure U). This handful of last minute signs smells sharply of revenge… nothing more, nothing less.

Gone In Sixty Seconds.

I’m glad I have one photo documenting this micro-event in the 2012 election season.  In less time than it took the Koos clan to (allegedly) pull down Ric Clough’s signs two years ago… voila… all but this one is gone.  It seems like these late night dirty tactics are becoming a standard part of Brea politics.

I’d be remiss not to include my personal opinion on the matter…

“No Koos Is Good News.”

8 thoughts on “What Goes Around, Comes Around.

  1. Wow that is tacky. So much for the “high road” in America. If that is payback, I hope the person who did it was not elected.

    • Chris… The catalyst for 2010’s muckraking explosion, and the target of this year’s retribution, has not been elected here (or anywhere after high school as far as I know).

      Given the community’s widespread disappointment in his unprofessional if not unethical behavior, the likelihood of him getting elected in the future is so small it’s incalculable.

  2. Very interesting! It appears that the John/Monika Koos Group want others to play by the rules, but feel the rules do not apply to them.

    Typical political trash.

    It was John Koos who spent time hiding behind others, all who did his dirty work, during the 2010 campaign. John Koos spent time chasing down people, and worked at prosecuting people, who were alleged to be taking down signs related to a “Hate Campaign” he directed.

    The argument was that the “Hate Campaign” signs belonged to the person who pays for them and that the signs are a 1st Amendment right to oppose candidates. Now similar signs directed at this Koos campaign rapidly disappeared all around Brea. Shame on you John Koos, play by the rules you wanted in 2010.

    You are the true definition of a hypocrite!

    • John… thanks for having the courage to speak publicly about this. My inbox plugged up like a Brea storm drain yesterday.

      And thank you for forwarding the link to Brea Matters to your interest group. Please encourage them to subscribe to the blog to ensure they get prompt alerts to future postings.

  3. Hats off to Koos family lackey Cynthia Ward for her repeated attempts to resurrect the lies and misinformation she spread two years ago via the defunct Red County blog. If she is anything, she is persistent and loyal.

    Not surprising that she missed the point of this post completely.

    Her new blog, “Think For Yourself Orange County,” mirrors the same liberal poison penned rants we grew accustomed to in her old life. The good news is that she might restrict herself to Anaheim issues and keep her nose out of Brea matters. Only time will tell.

    Get well soon Cynthia, wishing you a speedy recovery.

  4. So who are the signs “No Koos” directed at I’m seeing here in YL? Are they against Monica Koos? or someone else.

    If it’s targeted at her seems stupid. They’re saying “Dont vote for her cuz her husband sucks”?

    • Loren… Bingo. My point is that these “No Koos” signs are likely the product of revenge more than anything else. Her husband, and his PAC were sanctioned by the FPPC in 2010(11) for numerous violations of election laws. The whole dirty process left a bad taste in the mouths of a lot of people. To see a ripple from that unfortunate event two years later comes as no surprise to me.

      My own homework bumped into the fact that American Continuing Education, A Non-Profit Corporation (where Monika is purportedly the President) was created under the Core Communication umbrella, and is tied directly to Monika’s husband John.

      CorporateWiki - ChartOriginally founded in Anaheim (92815-1896) then moved to La Habra (90631), squarely within NOCCCD District 7, the shell corporation reports assets, revenue and income as $0.

      I didn’t vote for her because this all seemed too hinky to me. I prefer public officials who operate above board and without the implication of ethical and legal improprieties. But that’s just me. Others may have different political agendas.

      That I consider her husband to have questionable ethics and a political agenda that doesn’t appear to seek the best interests of anyone but himself, had nothing to do with my voting for his wife’s opponent. Nothing.

      Thanks for joining the conversation Loren. You’ve got a sharp eye and mind.

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