Yorba Linda again talks about who will handle policing.

Yellow Tape“YORBA LINDA (12/06) – Just hours after other City Council members unanimously appointed him mayor, Tom Lindsey put a proposal before them: Should the city seek a new proposal for police services from Brea, the city that has held the contract for the past 42 years?”

In an OC Register article dated 12/6, staff writer Michael Mello does a good job of giving a balanced accounting of Yorba Linda’s last council meeting. To get a real sense of the “drama” read the comments. All the usual suspects are already hard at work spreading their lies, half truths and purposely misguiding “facts.”

Here are the basic facts as I understand them.

  • 21 officers chose to leave Brea for positions at the OC Sheriff’s department. What precipitated this unprecedented exodus?
  • 10 officers chose to leave Brea to accept positions with other jurisdictions. Are conditions here so bad that these officers would scurry off a sinking ship?
  • 4 officers chose to retire in order to open up ongoing employment opportunities for younger officers. A magnanimous gesture to be sure, but we’ve lost their years of experience.
  • Brea is paying $35,000/week in overtime to officers in order to cover contract requirements with Yorba Linda. How much longer should we allow this excessive burden on our general fund to continue?
  • An unknown number of retired officers, in order to “refill the ranks,” have been brought out of retirement and are now on part time duty with Brea. How effective are these officers?
  • An unknown number of detectives have been put back into uniform and into patrol cars. Who is handling their investigations?
  • An unknown number of motorcycle officers have been put back into patrol cars. How is this effecting traffic enforcement?
  • There is zero chance that Yorba Linda would ever reverse the course it’s on and come crawling back to Brea. Consider the facts and think about the nature of contract law, what is the incentive to do so?
  • Brea needs to quickly put together whatever plan we can to bring our Police Department back up to full strength. How safe do you really think Brea is with our law enforcement operating at such a substandard level? How much longer are you willing to be underserved?

And Markman wants to sue the county?

Brea has no business turning an obscure statute with little or no history of litigious success to sue the OC Supervisors/Sheriff. The likelihood that Brea will prevail is too close to zero to believe there is a chance.

Rule #1 of triage… stop the bleeding.

Brea would be best served by cutting all ties with Yorba Linda immediately.

Send YL City Manager Rudometkin a letter informing him that the City of Brea will cease all law enforcement activities in Yorba Linda effective midnight December 31, 2012.

Remind him that the OC Sheriff has already picked up the officers needed to take over coverage!

Is this a tempest in a teapot?

We’re over a year past the point where we had any hope of influencing the Yorba Linda Council’s decision or convincing them that Brea hadn’t been grossly overcharging them for the law enforcement services they received.

Let the people decide!

In a closed door study session, the Brea City Council has discussed this situation at length. I think it’s about time they brought this out into the light and gave Brea citizen’s an opportunity to wade in on the matter.

This is what Measure U was all about… remember? Don’t you wish you’d passed it now?

6 thoughts on “Yorba Linda again talks about who will handle policing.

  1. Rick… I thought the decisions had already been made by YL to go with OC Sheriffs. Is there backpedaling going on? When was Brea’s contract with YL scheduled to end, anyway? Is YL covering any costs for continuing coverage at the moment?

    • Skip… Good questions, all.

      • The decision to go with the OC Sheriff was made months ago when Anderson blindsided fellow council members, his city manager and most of Yorba Linda.
      • Changes on the YL City Council have made it possible to reopen discussion. It remains to be seen if there has really been a shift in power or not.
      • Contract law and the people’s choice make this conversation moot. Another case of politician’s falling in love with the sound of their own voices.
      • Brea’s contract is scheduled to end in May 2013. Rumors point towards both Yorba Linda and Brea wishing they could speed up the process but for different reasons.
      • The dramatic loss of personnel has severely hampered Brea’s ability to meet contract requirements or provide Brea with the level of service residents have come to expect.
      • Yorba Linda is paying according to the agreed contract amount for service consistent with contract requirements. Their incentive for early transition is lower cost.

      As I’ve suggested, the best option for Brea at the moment is to cut our losses and to begin rebuilding a decent police department.

      • Rick, that’s your opinion. Many YL residents are very happy with the change, especially in light of the gross overcharging by Brea for police services. Perhaps you should be more concerned about our city than Brea. No offense to the citizens of Brea. Maybe they should take a harder look on how their city administrators are conducting their business, especially now.

      • Russ… I’ve followed your numerous comments on the OCR. I chose not to interact with you there as others seemed to be putting you in your place without difficulty.

        I am more concerned about Brea than Yorba Linda because I “live, work and play” here. That’s why I try to keep an eye on our elected, appointed and paid officials, why I am continually concerned when policies of the city are counter to the public’s best interests.

        I encourage you to do a better job of discovering and communicating facts, and abandon the unsupported ranting that appears to be your hallmark. I also encourage you to play watchdog in your own neighborhood.

        Please come back sometime, when you have no chip on your shoulder, and actually read what’s posted here. Likely any future comments will make more sense than what you posted today.

  2. I have worked for Brea PD for almost 10 years and I am a regular reader of this blog. I would like to offer a bit of insight into our current situation.

    • The 21 officers who went to OCSD last week were planning on going in May when the YL contract ended. After the elections in November the sheriff offered to hire them on November 30 if they wanted to come over so off they went to start their new careers.
    • We lost 7 officer to other PDs after we lost the contract. All of them were going to be laid off in May. We had 2 more leave for medical reasons and we fired 1 off of probation.
    • I think we actually had 6 retire saving 6 officers jobs. They were going to be retiring within the next few years anyway. The officers who were “saved” have 15-20 years of service left to give.
    • That OT is per pay period. We are not paying for 28 cops salaries, benefits, and PERS since they left so the city is saving money even with the massive OT they are paying out. Our current deployment isn’t sustainable forever but we have worked 84 hour work weeks for weeks on end during the fires so our 48 hour work week isn’t unbearable.
    • They only hired 1 retired officer back. He had only been retired for a few months so he was good to go.
    • The detectives are still handling their cases. They are working patrol on overtime.
    • We are still working with 4-5 patrolmen, a sergeant, and an LT on every shift in Brea and meeting our contract hours in YL.
    • Overall I think we are doing a good job of fulfilling our obligations to both Brea and YL even in the situation we are in. I certainly wouldn’t describe Brea PD as a sinking ship and any rebuilding we need to do after this is all over would be to make an already good thing even better.


    Chris Haddad

    • Chris… we’ve spoken a couple of times in the past and I’m glad to discover that you’re a regular reader of Brea Matters.

      I appreciate the clarification on how many officers have left and their situations. Though I opted not to mention it before, I was told that the Sheriff’s offer that convinced 21 Brea officers to make the career change also included the threat that not to do so by November 30 would eliminate the Sheriff’s promise to hire them. It’s this communication that is at the heart of Council consideration of litigation. What do you know of this?

      How long is your current deployment utilizing 48 hour work weeks planned to continue? You say it isn’t sustainable and I would have to agree. When will this plan stop and what plan will replace it?

      How efficient can the detectives be, doing double duty as you describe? There is a limit to anyone’s ability to combine high level multitasking with a fast food diet and sleep deprivation and remain productive. I seriously question the intelligence of this tactic.

      You overlooked the matter of motorcycle officers being reassigned. Would you provide a little clarification there as well?

      Sorry you mistook the intended recipient of the sinking ship metaphor. When it comes to public safety services, the City of Brea is the sinking ship and it’s commander is our overpaid City Manager who operates without sufficient oversight from the City Council. Frankly, I wouldn’t blame either our police officers or firefighters from seeking employment with a more stable community.

      I appreciate your comments, and your service to the Brea community Chris.

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